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Ron's Blog: DJ Faircloth

Ron Faircloth
25 March 2009

I am Ron Faircloth and I am what the natives call "Swaneeteedom." Translation....Freakin' AWESOME!


So, I'm sitting around my house and I'm using a candle to burn off bikini line hair. Now I have third degree burns all over my under leg area. It makes it tough to walk, run, and dance. I'm a survivor, so I'll push through this hard and trying time. I thank you in advance for your kind words and prayers. I'm learning how to walk in a spread leg fashion, which is kind of exciting. I look like a cowboy and am in desperate need of spurs.


Tonight at 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. is the beginning of a new era in media. I, Ron Faircloth, friend to all people, have a radio show every Wednesday. That's right suckas, I will be on the mic and in your cars. I will fight my way through the airwaves and into all of your hearts and homes. There will be money missing from the dresser and the dog might be walking funny. My friends at 94.1 WJJO in Madison have welcomed me with open arms. I will use mass media to my advantage. I will hurt feelings and pick up girls. Run, don't walk, to your nearest radio and tune into me spreading the word about whatever I want. Call in and talk to me. Let's make this sweet. Call and request more Faircloth. Help me keep my job.


These things just further my belief that I may be the coolest person I know. I don't know very many people, but so what. I would be very nice to me now that I am big brother. Kiss a little butt and maybe I say something nice about you. If you don't? Well, who knows what'll happen. Sky is the limit until I get fired, right?


Not much to say this week. I have started training again and I dig it. I have a couple of upcoming fights but I don't wanna say much until I see the contracts. Keeps me from looking like I'm not telling the truth. I love you all, and to all a good night.

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25 March 2009

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