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Ron's Blog: Interview with a Fighter

Ron Faircloth
14 January 2009

I am Ron Faircloth and I am changing direction. Instead of writing about me, I'm going to do an interview with a fighter. Here is the catch: I told this fighter that a local TV station wanted to interview him. He then drove 40 minutes in a snowstorm to be interviewed by me. This interview is on Demian Decorah, local fighter, training partner, and friend of mine. Here it is in all its glory!


Ron Faircloth: So Demian, tell me how you got into fighting.


Demian Decorah: You made me drive all the way here in a frickin' snowstorm for this?


RF: I didn't make it snow.


DD: Dick!


RF: How does one become the most popular Native American fighter on the Madtown Throwdown?


DD: I'm the only one! Dude, you're an assh@#*, I can't believe you did this to me, I have to work tonight!


RF: Not true, Dan Hornbuckle fought for us once.


DD: He was more popular than me that night.


RF: Good point. I see you are on a win streak. You used to stop these at one in a row, why the difference now?


DD: I train with you and I feel you are the light in the darkness, Ron. You make all things brighter and more clear.


RF: It's true, I'm top shelf. What can you tell me about the French and Indian War?


DD: I'm gonna leave! I hate you!


RF: OK, wait, I'll be serious. You drove 40 minutes to get here. We might as well finish.


DD: Are we gonna roll when we get done?


RF: No, I already did.


DD: What's wrong with you?


RF: I ask the questions. Who do you feel would win in a fight, me or you?


DD: You would Ron. Compared to you I am nothing.


RF: What if you had a gun?


DD: I'm leaving!


RF: I thought you wanted to roll.


DD: You said no.


RF: Finish and I'll think about it. Is it true that you tried homo stuff in college?


DD: I didn't go to college, but yes.


RF: How did you get your nick name "The Corner?"


DD: It's "The Coroner."


RF: Whatever. Why do you shave your legs?


DD: I don't


RF: You don't have leg hair sissy.


DD: .....


RF: Could it be that my manliness burned your body hair off?


At this time Demian left the gym and ventured back home in the snow. I feel that he wasn't the best interview candidate. I will try harder in the future.


Madtown Throwdown is Saturday. I hope to see you all there. I leave right after for vacation so I'll see you all in a month.


Peace and love to you all. Except you, Demian.

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16 January 2009

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