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TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 5

Nick Klein
02 May 2008

After finally catching the episode Thursday night on the re-air my consensus still stands! Jeremy May is a douche bag!  If I remember correctly there is not one person in the house that he didn’t rub the wrong way.  Not to mention his comment about not having sex for weeks and breaking his girlfriends back when he gets home! How do you think his girlfriend feels right now? She must feel proud to be dating such a respectable gentleman!  With MMA battling black eyes and drama from nay sayers I’m glad we have Mr. May as the icon to represent all fighters and the sport.  Onto my comments about Jeremy’s nick name “The BAMF”, which stands for Bad As* Mother F*cker. 

I remember watching Jeremy’s fight to get into the house.  He fought a real tough guy but caught him with some wild punches and than the guy fell into a triangle choke.  I was not impressed by the technique he was showing, hell nobody was.  Brandon Sene told a few of us if we get a chance to pick our fights that we should pick Jeremy because Brandon’s seen him fight in local southern shows and he has a horrible ground game and sloppy hands. What sucks is the kid is getting quality air time with all his antics and it will keep getting him big fights in the future because of this.  I hope Jeremy is watching the show closely and takes notes on how he treats people because the kid needs to grow up. 

In this episode Jeremy put lime juice in Matt Brown’s chewing tobacco.  Matt Brown has fought some solid guys (Pete Spratt, Chris Lytle) and has done solid against strong fighters.  If you’re going to start a battle make sure it’s not against one of the most game fighters in the house.  Matt doesn’t fight for glory or money; Matt fights because well Matt likes to go to war and hurt people.  Brandon Sene told Matt about Jeremy putting the limejuice in the tobacco and this is when Matt called out Jeremy upstairs.  It was a little awkward at the time because Matt and I were playing some pool and it was the first bit of real drama I got to witness.  It was just us three standing there and I was going to have to break them up if a fight was to occur.  Matt is usually a slow starter in the ring, he enjoys getting hit in the face and often will punch himself in the face during sparring to flip the switch.  He needs to get hit a few times to put it into second gear and that scares me about his pick.  Jeremy always comes out hard swinging with everything he’s got; if he connects and Matt hasn’t flipped the switch yet things could be over quickly.  I know Matt has got the technique and heart over Jeremy but I just hope he can weather the storm next week.

Our fight selection for the week was Dante Rivera vs. Brandon Sene.  I felt pretty comfortable with this fight selection.  Dante is a brown belt under Ricardo Almeida and is just old school.  He’s got close to 30 fights and he’s been in the game a very long time.  Brandon’s base is BJJ and we felt that Dante’s experience in that category could overwhelm Brandon for the win.  Mentally, Brandon has what it takes to be a superb fighter.  He is relatively new to the game but he lasted 15 minutes with a great submission specialist and his ground game is not too shabby itself.  The fight wasn’t the highest pace but there were some good submission attempts and some great escapes.  Both fighters felt a little out of place fighting without their proper corners and regular training routine.  I can’t wait to see them both fight again because I know they will put on a good show.

What was really questionable about this fight was the outcome.  Both fighters were evenly matched and it had to go to a decision.  How do you pick the winner?  Do you pick the person that caused more damage (Brandon) or do you pick the guy with all the takedowns that controlled the pace of the fight (Dante)?  Mixed emotions filled that place when Dante was called the winner.  I personally felt that he won the fight because he scored more takedowns and didn’t take any serious damage.  He took a few hard punches but some of the knees to the thighs do damage the next day and not during the fight.  Dana felt the winner should be the person that caused the most damage.  With him being UFC president, he should have reversed the call if he felt this way.  After all these are not recorded fights they are just exhibitions; meaning they do not go on our professional record.  Dana would not need to fight the state commission over this reversal since it’s his show and his fights. 

I was finally getting into a regular groove of living without television, phones, music, and the internet.  If you want to see how hard this is, wake up Saturday morning and do not use television, newspaper, radio or the internet.  You can go to the gym twice that day for a couple hours but you must go immediately home and sit in the living room and look at the wall.  Oh, it was good times for those 6 weeks.  I wish they would show how hard we were training in the house.  The producers and film crew said we were the hardest training team there since Tito Ortiz’s team.  We were training twice per day 7 days per week.  Each session was two and a half hours.  I knew we were training harder than the other team because when we got to the gym after they were done, jokes were being cracked and people were goofing off.  When we were done we couldn’t stand to even look at each other.  Obviously with the next episode coming up and us winning all the fights our hard work is paying off.

Thanks for reading my blog and stay tuned for next week’s episode where The Immortal Matt Brown takes on Jeremy “the BAMF” May.  Thanks to Twisted Fitness and most of all, Mark Plavcan for showing me this martial arts garbage!


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02 May 2008

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