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Alabama Promoters Prepare For First Ever Sanctioned MMA Events

Rick Piel
07 January 2012
Alabama MMA Regulations - US Combat Sports

With the first Alabama Athletic Commission meeting set for January 11, 2012 several MMA promoters are already scheduling their events for the year.

Ray Echols of American eXtreme Combat (AXC) from Cullman has tentatively set his show date for January 28. This may be jumping the gun since the official MMA rules have yet to be approved, but Echols feels this is a wise move.

Reports are confirmed that Echols has submitted his event permit to the A.A.C. and is now waiting for the main rules and his own individual application to be cleared. If this occurs Echols’ AXC event would likely be the first regulated event to take place within the state of Alabama.

Florida-based organization Ultimate Cage Fighting, owned by professional fighter Sammy Collingwood, has also tentatively set a show date for February 25 back in Brewton, Alabama. This could mark the return of UCF fan favorite Devin “Grizzly” Adams to the cage.

Adams was supposed to fight in the December show but decided it would be wise to hold off and only fight in sanctioned shows going forward in his MMA career. If UCF becomes sanctioned, we will definitely see Adams return to the cage, likely at a new weight of 155-pounds.

This A.A.C. Commission Meeting may be a packed house as people are very anxious to hear whether the Alabama Athletic Commission will finally go forward with the next step and approve in Alabama or will it come to another legal roadblock.

Although the December meeting was ultimately cancelled, promoters from Strike Hard Productions (Tuscaloosa), American eXtreme Combat (Cullman), Sport fight X (Cullman),  Clairday (Rainsville Area) were all waiting to hear whether they could finally schedule shows.

Last year Sportfight X was forced to move their shows outside of Alabama. Several times last year the A.A.C. publically warned promoters not to host shows and not to put money down for booking venues, advertisements, etc as this could hurt their chances of getting a license.

Likewise, several shows were shut down in 2011 and some promoters like Strike Hard Productions & AXC decided on their own to do the right thing and back off from hosting illegal shows.   

Nevertheless, the all-important January 11 meeting will determine if AXC will be able to host their January 28 show and the future of Alabama MMA. Stay tuned for more for the Alabama MMA Frontlines from USCS Reporter Rick Piel.

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07 January 2012

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