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Gracie Humaita Adds Two More Locations, Continues Expansions

Bo Francy
11 April 2011
Gracie Humaita Adds Two More Locations, Continues Expansions

With the recent growth of Gracie Humaita over the past year, Royler Gracie has brought on two more schools to add to his U.S. based competition team. Southern California Gracie Eastlake and Gracie Las Vegas will serve as the new locations. 

Gracie Humaita in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is home to the original Gracie Humaita Academy where, for the most part, Rolker Gracie runs the day–to-day operations while Royler travels and resides in San Diego, CA with his family. Carlos  and Helio opened the doors to Gracie Humaita in the mid 1900’s after the original closed its doors.

Gracie Humaita has produced some of today legends and top black belts in the world from Leticia and Alexandre Riberio to Saulo Riberio, Royler and Rickson Gracie.

Throughout the United States, Gracie Humaita has many affiliate academies, but it was not until November of 2009 when Royler Gracie and the Humaita Team announced their first school outside of Brazil. With the opening of Gracie San Diego Competition Team run by Royler Black Belts Regis Lebre and Joao (AKA Johnny) Faria, this academy became the new home for Gracie Humaita students. Gracie San Diego has been opened for just over a year-and-a-half and has brought home quite a few trophies and a ton of medals.

After about a year of Gracie San Diego being opened, Regis Lebre promoted Zak Maxwell to black belt. Along with being honored with his black belt, Royler gave Zak permission to open Gracie Philadelphia. This addition gave the Gracie Humaita Team both an East and West coast home while traveling to tournaments or visiting. After the expansion to the east, Royler then came back to announce the growth of the academy yet again.

Gracie Humaita expanded to Gracie Delmar, Gracie Hemet, and Gracie Temecula. With the growth from one school to six in just under two years, Royler has expanded his teachings throughout the United States and has build what was already a powerful academy at tournaments  to an even powerful and larger team.

Within these past two weeks, Gracie Humaita, yet again announced two more academies. The first of these will be here in Southern California Gracie Eastlake, run by top black belts Jimmy Sanchez and Elias Gallegos both whom are excellent teachers and have a great deal of competition experience behind their instruction. The other academy being Gracie Las Vegas, run by Mica Cipili, another widely know black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Mica has over 15 years of experience both in competition and training. With the recent growths of Gracie Humaita and another expansion in the works, Gracie Humaita has grown into one of the top five largest schools in the world.

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11 April 2011

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