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Gracie Humaita's Samantha Faulhabe Advances to Abu Dhabi Over Kiri Lia

Bo Francy
17 March 2011
Samantha Faulhabe

The Gracie Humaita team watched intently as Samantha Faulhabe upset University of Jiu Jitsu's Kiri Lia on Saturday in the open weight division of the Abu Dhabi trials. The victory earned Faulhabe a round trip ticket to compete against some of the world's top grapplers in Abu Dhabi.

The two actually faced one another twice throughout the day, in the first meeting Lia was able to control the action and earn a 1-point victory. Lia's victory and Faulhabe's second-place finish qualified them both to compete in the open division.

After defeating Nova Uniao's Kristina Barlaa in the semifinals, Faulhabe advanced to a championship rematch with Lia. The meeting began with Faulhabe being able to pass Lia's guard and secure her back. From there, the Gracie Humaita member leapt forward, posted her head on the ground, and was able to apply a clock choke that ultimately forced the submission.

The exciting win gave Faulhabe the golden ticket to compete in Abi Dhabi with the rest of the Gracie San Diego women's competition team. Look for her at this year's Pan American Championship in Irvine, California where she is looking to take home the gold. Also be sure next month to watch Faulhabe and the rest of Gracie Humaita women's team compete in Abu Dhabi.

About Gracie Humaita

The Gracie Humaita Academy is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and has been run for decades by Helio Gracie's sons Royler and Rolker Gracie. Since the opening of the original Gracie Academy in the early 1900's, there had not been a Gracie Humaita affiliate stateside until October of 2009. At that time, Royler Gracie, Regis Lebre, and Johnny Farla opened the doors of Gracie San Diego.

Over the past year-and-a-half the school has grown rapidly and even expanded to Gracie Philadelphia, Gracie Delmar-Gracie Oceanside, Gracie Temecula and Gracie Hemet.

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17 March 2011

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