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Duke Roufus Says Anthony Pettis Will Fight Whoever UFC Wants, Even if its Not Edgar or Maynard

Paul Fladten
04 January 2011
Anthony Pettis and Duke Roufus - US Combat Sports

Due to the unusual circumstances that have taken place over the past four days, Anthony Pettis’ immediate future is cloudy to say the least. But according to his coach Duke Roufus, “Showtime” is prepared to do whatever the UFC thinks is best, even if that means fighting someone besides Frankie Edgar or Gray Maynard.

After being promised the next title shot, but eventually having it taken away due to an improbable draw between Edgar and Maynard at UFC 125, Pettis has found himself in title contention Limbo.  But Roufus told that even though times are tough, especially with the recent news that Edgar could be sidelined until after July with a nasal fracture, Pettis must keep his head up and be prepared for anything.

“I’ve just been reminding Anthony to stay positive and I’m staying positive about it,” said Roufus. “He’s coming off of a fight in which he won the WEC title and looked really awesome, and we have a really good management team in MMA Inc that’s really helping us, we have a great negotiator, we have a really great lawyer, and we’re all just working together to get what’s best for Anthony. The UFC is being mindful of every situation and when we get it worked out we get it worked out.”

While an immediate title shot would be the most ideal situation for the Milwaukee striker, the reality is that it will not happen right away. But Roufus said that Pettis is ready for whichever opponent the UFC wants him to fight next.

“It’s definitely a thought,” Roufus said about fighting someone other than Edgar or Maynard next. “That’s what Anthony Pettis does, he’s a fighter. Whoever he’s supposed to fight he will fight. We’re just going to go with the UFC, and definitely with Frankie (Edgar) having another injury that’s going to throw another wrench in the story, but we’re just going to hurry up and wait right now. Anthony is just going to keep working harder and get prepared for whatever is next for him.”

With the next piece of the equation not yet known, Roufus said that Pettis is set to take some time to travel and work on his game around the world. He said that Pettis will most likely be joining Ben Askren in Arizona to improve his wrestling, and then heading to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, to work on his game with Urijah Faber. The Milwaukee kickboxing legend said that these chances for Pettis to train his weaknesses have turned him into the well-rounded fighter he is today.

“These alliances are something that each guy can take from and use the assets to make each other better. And one thing I would like to add is, yeah, that “Showtime” kick was awesome, but sometimes when you do something so great it outshines the other great aspects of your fight. One thing he and his teammate Dan Downes did in their last fight was win with their weaknesses. Their both known as strikers, but Anthony really won that fight against Henderson with his wrestling and grappling. Kudos to those guys and it really shows that MMA is all about getting good at your weaknesses so that you don’t have any.”

Stay tuned to US Combat Sports for any developing news regarding Pettis’ lightweight title contention future.

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04 January 2011

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