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FITNHB Empowering Women: Females Train Free From Now On

Trula Howe
09 January 2013
FITNHB Empowering Women: Females Train Free From Now On

"Enough is enough!", Arlene Sanchez-Vaughn, head Striking Coach at FITNHB, and co-owner (along with her husband, Tom Vaughn, head coach at FITNHB as well as Power MMA in Gilbert, AZ) has made a radical decision.

After seeing story after story in the news - not only in the United States, but around the world – about the many ways in which women are victimized, she decided she had to do something about it, as much as is in her power. Therefore, from now on, FITNHB will no longer charge any female any fees.

This applies not only to fighters, but to anyone who wants to train at all; whether for fitness, fighting, fun or most importantly, self-confidence. "We want to empower women, help them grow."

Sanchez has had to fight uphill battles with regard to her sex, even from her childhood, when, due to financial constraints, her parents could only pay for one child to have fight training, and they chose her younger brother.

However, once she graduated, she began to train with the legendary Bill Packer, (the only female to rain with him for several years) and went on to win the 1st US title in Kickboxing, as a featherweight in the WKA, and won many other titles in several organizations.

She served in the US Army as a paramedic for 8 years, and went on to become Packer's kicktrainer. Right around the time she got out, she became a bouncer, the only one in New Mexico at the time, and few have had the same job even since then. She met Tom and opened FITNHB more than 15 years ago, but the battles for equality continue to rage.

With focus on the looks of female fighters, instead of the skills, it is still an uneven playing field, and Sanchez-Vaughn is looking to level it somewhat, here in Albuquerque. FITNHB offers classes in boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and submission grappling; all levels of skill and experience are welcome, and there are also daily kids classes: FIT Kidz with Gerald Lovato.

For more information on FIT NHB, visit their website

photo by Will Fox

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09 January 2013

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