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Will Dicke No-Shows Flawless Fighting Championship Main Event, FFC's Deividas Markevicius Disappointed (UPDATE)

Paul Fladten
06 August 2012
Will Dicke - US Combat Sports

The unpredictable mixed martial arts career of Will Dicke may have hit rock bottom this past weekend as the light heavyweight completely no-showed his headlining bout against Egidijus Valavicius at Flawless Fighting Championship "The Beginning" in Chicago.

Reportedly failing to live up to his obligation from the onset, Flawless FC CEO Deividas Markevicius explained his disappointment of the Dicke situation to US Combat Sports.

"That was the worst experience dealing with a fighter. He will never be welcomed neither to Flawles Fighting Championship nor to Senkogu Global events," Markevicius wrote to USCS via email. "He was invited to fight in our inaugural show and was put on main event against great opponent Egidijus Valavicius.

"No matter if he (Dicke) wins or loses, that's a great step forward for him in his career," he continued. "Even if he lost, if he put on a great show, he would be invited to more future events. He blew his opportunity to take his career to the next level."

Recounting difficulties from the beginning of the partnership, Markevicius explained that Dicke was virtually unreachable leading up to the day of weigh-ins and appears to have never even applied for a license to fight within the state of Illinois.

"He would call me from different phones he borrowed and I was never able to catch him whatsoever," wrote the Flawless FC CEO. "It took forever to get the signed contract back. Then it appeared he never even contacted Illinois Athletic Commission to submit his documents. Nothing whatsoever. No blood work, no application for license and etc. All reports we got from Commission showed blanks to his name."

As weigh-ins drew near Markevicius and company recognized that Dicke would likely no-show and decided to substitute Illinois' Eric Hammerich in his place: the same fighter that three years earlier knocked out Dicke in 36-seconds at Madtown Throwdown "Rumble at the Rox". The substitution also affected fellow Wisconsinite Dave Kleczkowski who was set to make his return to the cage against Hammerich on the same card.

"He would reply once a day on facebook, but he totally stopped communication the day before weigh-ins," Markevicius continued. "We felt that he is not going to show up for the show and we started looking for a replacement [the] last day before weigh-ins. There was not enough time to get another pro on the show, so we offered the fight to Eric Hammerich...Eric was super excited for the opportunity."

Taking advantage of the situation Hammerich put on an impressive display on short-notice and nearly earned an upset victory over his Lithuanian opponent before being caught in an armbar.

"Eric (Hammerich) is definitely getting invited to the next show. Maybe he will be put to fight his original opponent David Kleczkowsi who had to sit out this event due to Will Dicke's unprofessionalism."

Despite the loss of Dicke from the card – as well as four other fighters who failed to live up to their obligations causing five fights in total to be scratched – Markevicius and the organization are excited for their next event which is scheduled to take place in Chicago later this year.

"Will wasn't the only unprofessional one. There were four other fighters who will never be invited to fight on our shows anymore...That's a huge disappointment for our promotion, fans, and fighters who were ready to fight. But we can promise the next event will be [the] bomb. We will put [on] many big fights so Chicago fans would have [a] great show. And we will make sure all fighters have all the necessary documents for [the] commission way ahead of time."

UPDATE: Following the publication of this article Will Dicke responded to US Combat Sports. Here is what he had to say:

"They kept telling me I was fighting then I wasn't all week before the fight. Just kept messing with my head saying the commission didn't have my blood work even though I did it twice this year. [I] just felt it was not under control.

I'm not calling anyone out but personally in 35 fights I never had to deal with the stress I did with Flawless! The way they were messing with my head made me feel they wanted me to fight but lose to their champ.

I cut 15-pounds then they said [the] commission didn't have my stuff meaning I wasn't fighting. And this was the night before the fight so I held off until noon the next day. The commission didn't still have my stuff so I wrote Flawless an email saying I wasn't fighting. People can be mad but it was my choice."

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06 August 2012

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