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State of Alabama and Sovereign Land Reach Agreement in Terms of MMA

Rick Piel
04 August 2012
State of Alabama and Sovereign Land Reach Agreement in Terms...

In a conversation Friday with new sanctioning body MMA Solutions Representative Paul Andres Domenech, Domenech informed USCS he has had several conversations with Alabama Athletic Commission representatives over the sanctioning and management of the fight held August 4th in Atmore, Alabama on sovereign land, Domenech has been very concerned and wanted everything out on the table.

Domenech told USCS that he wanted to insure fighter safety and see that the records are recorded correctly. He also explained that he was very concerned and did not want it to affect his relationship with the State of Alabama Commission and thus he had major concerns and wanted clarification and guidance before accepting the job to run and sanction the Atmore show.

Demenech stated that MMA Solutions was also approved and given permission from the Athletic Council from the Tribe to sanction the show and help them with aspects of the promotion to insure proper safety and protect all involved.

The MMA Solutions leader stated he knew the State of Alabama Commission was concerned over how the records were being recorded in keeping with the national database and how fighter results would be recorded and that's why he wanted to step in to help.

MMA Solutions prides themselves on finding a "solution" to any problem. The Alabama Athletic Commission has in its statutes that a currently licensed Alabama fighter cannot participate in a non-sanctioned show. By having MMA Solutions sanctioning the Atmore Show this would insure fighters can still participate in other Alabama Athletic Commission approved events.

So, to answer questions posed on Facebook group pages for weeks... YES, the show was sanctioned by MMA Solutions Global, Inc.

Earlier in the year before the first show at Atmore The Alabama Athletic Commission had concerns that the promoter was trying to circumvent the State of Alabama Athletic Commission and their rules governing mixed martial arts. According the Domenech, with MMA Solutions now being involved the show will follow the Guidelines & Standards of the Alabama Athletic Commission, but not necessarily "their" rules. How the show is run from beginning to end, how officials are trained, how judges score bouts, how referees are trained and operate the fight will all follow the Alabama guidelines & standards.

Domenech also said that this has sparked new interest and MMA Solutions have come up with a new training regiment where all Officials, Referees, Inspectors, etc. will go thru a training class. This class will even be offered to promoters so they will know when dealing with MMA Solutions what is expected of them and what to expect of MMA Solutions. This will over all insure the show is planned out right, all i are dotted and t's are crossed and will help the promoter have a more productive show.

One of the key elements of the Atmore show that is enticing to amateur mma fighters is: they will not have to wear shin pads and all amateurs will be allowed to ground & pound (G&P) which is against the Alabama Athletic Commission Novice Amateur fighting rules.

Saturday's WAR II event held on Alabama sovereign land in Atmore, Alabama, new promotional company: Warrior Promotions hosted their second show of 2012. This new show featured some of South Alabama best fighters including Desmond Peterson we just saw a few weeks ago at Atlas Fights, Justin Ramer, Stephen Mathews, David Hawkins, and Chris Falasca.

One of the high lights of the evening was Anna Smith of Shadetree MMA from Gadsden, Alabama taking on Delaney Owen of Highlander MMA out of Florida. Smith ultimately lost the fight in Round 1 at 1:23 via Rear Naked Choke.

Main event was between 155er's: Desmond Peterson (Team Underdog) challenging Justin Ramer (Team Titan), Justin Ramer ultimately won via Guillotine Choke in Round 1 at 2:48. Other fight from that evening are shown below.

130 - Josh Culbreth (Hammerhead) def Levi Stroud (Auburn MMA) at :44 of R2 via TKO
155 - Kyalo Coleman (Team Titan) def Clay Grubbs (PBA MMA) at 1:07 of R1 via TKO
170 - David Hawkins (Bad Company) def James Martin (Gracie South) at 2:31 of R1 via Submission (Guillotine)
120 - Chappy Chapman (MMA Fitness) def Dale Fulkerson (Hammerhead) at 1:34 of R1 due to Submission
120 - Trey "TAZ" Slaton (MMA Unlimited) def Brandon Grooms (Team Underdog) at :12 of R1
175 - Stephen Mathews (Team Titan) def Anthony Ray Jones (MMA Fitness) at :51 of R1 via TKO
265 - Alan Reeser Sr. (Relentless MMA) def Travis Grooms (Team Underdog) at 1:00 of R1 via Submission (Guillotine)
165 - Chris Falasca (Hammerhead) def Brandon Lovett (Hard Knocks) via Unanimous Decision
120 - Delaney Owen (Highlander MMA) def Anna Smith (Shadetree MMA) at 1:23 of R1 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
155 - Justin Ramer (Team Titan) def Desmond Peterson (Team Underdog) at 2:48 of R1 via Submission (Guillotine)

Youtube Video

Please enjoy a little vide from the Anna Smiths -  Shadetree MMA Camp.

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06 August 2012

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