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Ronda Rousey Proves No One is Safe When a Microphone is Nearby, Why She Hates Kim Kardashian

Eric Kowal
12 July 2012
Ronda Rousey Proves No One is Safe When a Microphone is Near...

It was supposed to be a red carpet event to promote the new ESPN "Body" issue magazine that features Ronda Rousey and other well-known athletes posing in the nude.

While there, one interviewer may have gotten a sound byte that would make TMZ drool and potentially launch a celebrity feud between the women's Strikeforce champion and Kim Kardashian.

"I would beat the crap out of Kim Kardashian actually. Any girl who is famous and idolized because she made a sex video with some guy and that's all that you are known for. Oh I got my fame from sucking (expletive)," Rousey said.

Kardashian, a television personality, model, actress and businesswoman is best known for a sex tape she made with singer Ray J, but most notably her 72-day long marriage to professional basketball player Kris Humphries.

Her father, Robert Kardashian, was well known as one of the lawyers working on the O.J. Simpson trial in the 1990's.

Rousey went on to say "I don't want some girl whose entire fame is based on a sex video to be selling Sketchers to my 13-year old little sister."

"That's the whole kind of role model that I do not want to be around and why I'm doing things like this (as she holds up the ESPN Magazine) because girls like Kim Kardashian are being pushed in my sister's face and it's just not healthy and she shouldn't have role models like this," Rousey said.

While the ESPN magazine does not actually provide viewers with any material that would be considered "adult" the athletes are 100 percent nude while covering their most important features with a sports prop of one or both of their hands.

The interview continues with Rousey finding out she was going to be featured on the cover, talks about her diet, and being surrounded by male fighters in the Ultimate Fighter House.

Rousey defeated Meisha Tate for the women's 135-pound bantamweight division title back in March. She is currently undefeated at 5-0 and will face Sarah Kaufman later this year.

Watch the video of Rousey's remarks here.

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12 July 2012

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