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Strikehard Productions 17: Gaylord Submits Barnard, Fortenberry Stops Smith (VIDEOS and PHOTOS)

Rick Piel
11 June 2012
Strikehard Productions 17 - US Combat Sports

Over the weekend fans in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, were treated to a grand event as Strikehard Productions hosted a full night of mixed martial arts action at SHP17.

Along with a few special guests the Alabama crowd watched as Tom Barnard and Nathan Gaylord battled for the organization's light heavyweight championship. The fight began with Barnard throwing several leg kicks and one towards the head, but Gaylord would have none of it.

Hoping to try his luck in another area Barnard shot in for a takedown but this too was unsuccessful. Gaylord immediately pinned his opponent up against the fence and attempted to sink in a standing rear naked choke.

Despite several unsuccessful attempts by Barnard to reverse the position and take his opponent to the ground, Gaylord was able to sink in a standing modified front choke that was announced as a "V" arm choke afterwards making Gaylord the new Strikehard 205-pound champion.

Fortenberry Submits Smith in Thriller

The USCS Fight of The Night took place between Anna Smith and Markie Fortenberry. Immediately after the bell sounded the ladies met in the center of the cage with Smith throwing early leg kicks. However, Fortenberry waited patiently and responded with a punch to the head.

The two immediately clinched up and Smith got into position to throw her opponent to the mat. After several attempts to gain position, Smith let Markie up before immediately throwing her back to the ground. Smith instantly pounced into top position, but once again Fortenberry was ready.

Fortenberry spotted a chance at an armbar and went for it spinning Smith around where she got top mount and immediately went for the hold. But Smith spun out and returned to her feet where she continued to throw blows to Markie's body. Fortenberry grabbed for Smith's leg spinning her around until her opponent fell out of what seemed to be exhaustion, but what really happened is Markie twisted and popped Anna's knee.

Fortenberry went for Smith's back and gained position, eventually flipping Anna over. Anna regained control with top mount, but Markie saw the armbar and went for it. Smith stood up trying to get away and eventually fell over and the armbar was sunk in even deeper forcing the tap.

After the fight Fortenberry sprinted around the cage jumping into her teammates arms. Bellator Fighter and Tuscaloosa Native Chris Davis picked her up and raised her into the air. Fortenberry's patience is what kept her in the game and listening to her coach helped her achieve the victory.

Special guests in the house on Saturday were Pro Boxing Champion and Olympic medalist Deontay Wilder as well as former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk.

Sherk was the talk of the night and everyone wanted to have their photo taken with him. He came in early as he was hosting a MMA Seminar the following day at HeadHunters MMA & Cross Fit Gym in Tuscaloosa.

During one of the intermissions longtime SHP fighter Keifer Hammack was given special recognition. Hammack is heading off in a week or so to fight for our country after he just graduated High School and is going into the ARMY.

One of our brave USA Soldiers awarded Keifer with a special photo taken from one of Hammack's last fights where he literally picked his opponent up, spun him around and dropped him to the mat.

Amateur MMA

185lb Novice - Jason Belford Vs Austin Bates - Belford wins in R1 by TapOut due to rear naked choke
180lb Novice - Robbie Howard Vs Daniel Beard - Ruled A No Contest
190lb Novice - Cody Tolbert Vs Justin Rigsby - Rigsby wins in R1 by Ref Stoppage due to unanswered strikes
190lb Novice - Dakota Hollingsworth Vs Cole Dobbins - Dobbins wins by TKO in R2
265lb Novice - Donny Lukima Vs Knick Davis - Lukima wins in R2 by rear naked choke
145lb Advanced - Dallas Garst Vs Robert Fortenborough - Garst wins by Unanimous Decision
175lb Advanced - Donavan Batton Vs Brad Shirley - Batton wins in R2 by Tappout due to rear naked choke
160lb Advanced - Grant Shanaman Vs Bradley Johnson - Shanaman wins in R2 by TapOut due to strikes
185lb Novice - Donnie Hall Vs Matt Hobson - Hobson wins in R1 by TapOut due to Darce Choke
130lb Novice - Levis Stroud Vs Herald Colbert - Colbert wins in R3 by Tapout due to Front Choke
139lb Novice - Annallesha Smith Vs Markie Fortenberry - Fortenberry wins in R1 by Tapout due to Arm Bar
195lb Novice - Derrick Maxwell Vs Chris Lambert - Maxwell wins in R1 by TapOut due to key lock
205lb Advanced SHP 205 Title - Tom Barnard Vs Nathan Gaylord - Gaylord wins in R1 by Tapout due to "V" Arm Choke

Photography & Videorgraphy by: Piel Photography

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11 June 2012

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