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Angered M-1 Champion Vinny Magalhaes Puts Belt on eBay for Auction

Eric Kowal
15 May 2012
Angered M-1 Champion Vinny Magalhaes Puts Belt on eBay for A...

M-1 light heavyweight champion Vinny Magalhaes became upset with his current employer.  So he did what any disgruntled employee would, publicly lash out at the organization’s Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan and place their title belt on eBay. Magalhaes tweeted at the Director of Operations, “Hey buddy, you wanted your belt back? #placeyourbid it’s on @ebay :)” 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran who did not find any success in the organization moved on to several other smaller organizations before finding home in M-1. Magalhaes won the belt last April, and defended it just once in October.

Following the win he has been in a heated public battle with Kogan. The two have exchanged insults via Twitter because Magalhaes was not happy with some of the fights that the organization was promoting.

According to Magalhaes, Kogan was coaching one of his opponents from ringside which he should not partake in anyway because he should be an unbiased spectator like everyone else.

If Magalhaes accusations are true, it is comparable to UFC President Dana White rooting for and coaching for Rashad Evans while he challenges Jon Jones. Anyone with any stake in the organization cannot show any bias towards one particular fighter.

Magalhaes stated that his contract with the organization is up and wanted to find a new company to fight for, therefore he had no reason for the belt.

The bids on eBay started at $0.09 and had ventured up to nearly $99,000 before the fighter removed the belt from listing.



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21 May 2012

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