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Despite Major Challenges Flatline's Ultimate Fighting Throwdown 17 Provides Exciting Event

Rick Piel
09 April 2012
Despite Major Challenges Flatline's Ultimate Fighting T...

Flatline Productions presented Ultimate Fighting Throwdown 17 this past weekend in Sheffield, Alabama. This was the first fight put on by Flatline under the purview of the Alabama Athletic Commission (AAC) with ISKA as their amateur sanctioning body.

Flatline faced many unforeseen challenges as the management staff were instructed they had to rebuild a cage wall and add a new cage door less than 24-hours before fight night. Flatline notified the Commission a week early but was hoping to get an exemption. Ultimately their idea failed as the next Commission date was not until May meaning the show would have been cancelled.

With presold tickets on the line, Flatline divided their staff with half going to the weigh-ins and the other half went back to the gym to finish the tedious task of rebuilding the cage wall and creating a new all steel reinforced door that would pass the AAC guidelines.

At the weigh-ins the group was dealt another blow when fighter after fighter did not come in on weight. Due to the rules by ISKA and the AAC, fighters are only allowed a certain weight span based on the weight class of the fight.

This was never the problem before, but due to the strict rules set by ISKA, which are in place for fighter safety, many fights were scratched while some were changed to grappling and Kickboxing matches. Flatline started off with 15 fights and by fight time ended up with five MMA bouts, four grappling matches and one kickboxing contest.

Blood work once again seemed to be another obstacle for Flatline. Since the first fight in January, blood work seems to be a hot topic for fighters in Alabama. Each fight brings its own challenges and blood work is always on the list as a major issue.

For the second time this year the ring side physician was not at the weigh-ins and on fight night two more fights were scratched. Several were as stated due to blood work issues, one was due to failing the physical and yet another because a fighter had a vehicle accident and could not make the fight.

With all the challenges before Flatline and the low attendance due to fighters dropping off, Flatline should be commended for pulling out a great showing for their first fight under the Alabama Commission. This was not their first rodeo and was actually their 17th fight in the record books.

They have not decided if they want to go forward with another fight in Alabama at this time or move their show to Tennessee. Early talks are if they do decide to stay in Alabama it may be mid-Summer before their next show.

The fight between Brad Greenslade and Jeff Gilbert was without doubt the most controversial fight of not only the night and of any event since the sanctioning of the sport in the State of Alabama.

Eight-seconds into the second round, the referee stopped the fight due to what he called a submission. While Gilbert had Greenslade in a standing guillotine, according to Greenslade he was hitting Gilbert with an open palm to the ribs with his entire arm swinging in full motion, when the referee stopped the fight stating he was tapping. Both fighters were amazed at this call and later the talk around the cage was that if that was a tap out it was the hardest tap that fighter had ever received to his ribs.

The crowd was stunned by this decision and cried out in disbelief. Both the fighter and the coach stated they wanted to file an appeal and with video evidence so readily available now with cell phones and pocket camcorders, they may have grounds for an appeal. Only time will tell about this decision.

F1 - Novice MMA Fight - Noah Parsons vs Chase Bowman - Parsons wins by Rear Naked Choke @ 2:19 of R3

F2 - Novice MMA Fight - Johnny Ray Perry vs Jerry Calhoun - Calhoun wins by Tapout due to rear naked choke @ 2:14 of R1

F3 - Grappling Match - Blake Dodd vs Greg Grissom - Dodd wins by arm bar

F4 - Grappling Match - Craig McAlpine vs Brandon Rhodes - fight goes the distance for a draw

F5 - Novice MMA Fight - Brad Greenslade vs Jeff Gilbert - Gilbert wins by Standing Guillotine @ 0:08 of R2

F6 - Novice MMA Fight - Gary Taylor vs Joe Sanford - Stanford wins by KO @ 1:06 of R1

F7 - Kickboxing Match - Cody Jennings vs Zachery Hoffman - Jennings wins by KO @ 0:47 of R2

F8 - Grappling Match - Bridge Ciozart vs Caleb Cummings - Cummings wins @ 3:38

F9 - Grappling Match - Lash Staggs vs Joey Martin - ends in a draw

F10 - Advanced MMA Match - Justin Jarrett vs Chris Borquez - Borquez wins by Rear Naked Choke @ 1:42 of R1

Photography & Video by: Piel Photography & Design

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09 April 2012

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