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Alabama Athletic Commission and ISKA Look to Stop All Unsanctioned MMA Events Being Held Within State

Rick Piel
07 February 2012
Alabama MMA and Illegal Events - US Combat Sports

The International Sport Karate Association and the Alabama Athletic Commission have teamed together to put an end to all illegal mixed martial arts events being held within Alabama state lines.

At the inaugural A.A.C. meeting of 2012 a new task force was created to uncover, terminate, and possibly prosecute anyone involved in the production of unsanctioned mixed martial arts shows in Alabama. 

Shows in Montgomery, Auburn, and Birmingham were briefly discussed and the A.A.C. is aware of others. One member of the task force told US Combat Sports that once the first sanctioned fight is in the books, he and his newly formed team will actively go after all illegal shows. ISKA President Cory Schafer also offered his organization’s full support to the A.A.C. and the state of Alabama to shut down unsanctioned shows.

Illegal shows have continued in Alabama for the past several years despite the passing of the initial MMA bill. This is simply because the A.A.C and local law enforcement did not know how to prosecute promoters and at that time the commission did not have the powers and authority to shut down shows.

Under the newly signed amendment, the A.A.C. has more governing power and the ability to legally shut down shows. With the help and full support of the Attorney General of Alabama behind them, Alabama’s illegal shows will stop according to one Commissioner.

This is not about money, but the ability to govern and run legal, safe and regulated shows. Alabama has voted and they want regulated mixed martial arts events and following the acceptance of sanctioning body ISKA, amateur MMA can now thrive and go forward. The duties of the A.A.C. & sanctioning bodies over amateur MMA are to protect the interest of the fighters and to insure that everyone involved in the sport follows the same rules at every single event.   

Alabama has been behind the ball for years with regulation and now has a real chance to be a force within the mixed martial arts community nationwide. Alabama has some really great fighters and they need to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. This all starts with shutting down unsanctioned and illegal shows.

Additionally fighters need to be aware and understand this will directly affect them as well. Any fighter, amateur or professional that participates in an illegal show could be fined, arrested and suspended from participating in any future mixed martial arts show not only in Alabama but also other states. Promoters could also receive sanctions and suspensions for allowing a fighter who is currently on suspension to fight in their show any.

Alabama MMA is now regulated and everyone needs to be aware that this also comes with a set of rules and regulations as set by the state of Alabama Athletic Commission for professional bouts and also enforced by the sanctioning body for amateur bouts. Follow the rules or pay the consequences.  

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07 February 2012

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