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  • The Best Fights You've Never Seen: Alistair Overeem vs. Bazigit Atajev

    The last two weeks have produced no shortage of discussion among fans of mixed martial arts. First was Alistair Overeem's UFC debut, where he destroyed former champion Brock Lesnar and earned a shot at current champ Junior Dos Santos. Then last night's UFC Rio card, which seemed to be a bit underwhelming compared to other recent outings, delivered in spectacular fashion. There were egregious mistakes - Anthony Johnson's continued weight cutting failures, Mario Yamasaki's questionable disqualification call, having Wallid Ismail in a building and not giving him a microphone, as well as amazing moments - Jose Aldo's picture-perfect knee that ended Chad Mendes' ti...
  • ESPN’s Josh Gross Starts a Fire Storm with UFC, Dana White Prepared For Full-Blown Battle

    ESPN, the leader in sports news and information, aired an episode of their “Outside the Lines” series Sunday about the pay fighters receive from the UFC. With UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock and Rob Maysey, founder of the Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association and Arizona based attorney, as their main sources, the panel proceeds to call out UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta for the lack of pay fighters make. The UFC had over 330 fighters on their 2011 payroll, along with the over 500 workers that the company regularly employs. The company is based in Las Vegas and the Fertitta brothers along with White have owned the UFC since 2001, taking it from near collapse to top MMA organization in the world...
  • Angelo Sanchez and Donald Sanchez Victorious at KOTC Night Stalker: Rematch for the Bantamweight Belt Now Set

    Angelo Sanchez and Donald Sanchez will now face each other for the King of the Cage Bantamweight World title, after each won their main event bouts at KOTC Night Stalker, Saturday, January 14, at Buffalo Thunder Casino, which is also where the title fight is scheduled to be held, on May 12, 2012. The four-man tournament for belt contention consisted of Richard “Juggernaut” Schiller (8-5-1), Angelo “San I Warrior” Sanchez (12-3 of SF BJJ), Chris “The Urban Legend” Culley (12-9 of Millennia MMA), and Donald Sanchez (24-12 of FITNHB and former title holder.) Angelo Sanchez took on the 39-year-old Schiller, in the final fight of the night, striking first with an overhand right, followed by a ...
  • UFC Fires Back At ESPN

    Dana White and the UFC are firing back at ESPN amidst allegations that UFC fighters are underpaid and unhappy. This evening Dana White tweeted a portion of the interview that was unaired. In it Lorenzo Fertitta points out that ESPN is a multi-billionaire company and a fighter on their last card earned only a couple of hundred dollars. Check out the video clip below.
  • Jose Aldo Talks UFC 142 and Chad Mendes Following Successful Title Defense

    Jose Aldo sits down after successfully defending his title against Chad Mendes to thanks the fans for giving him the energy and drive to be the fighter that he is. He gives credit to Mendes for being a tough opponent and is grateful that his fight came out the way he trained for it to.
  • Team Chamber MMA Puts Stamp on Rock & Ink Expo

    It only seems natural that when you combine rock music and professional tattooing mixed martial arts should fit right in, or maybe I’m just assuming that the majority of MMA fans are like me. The first annual Rock and Ink Expo was held at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania this weekend and Team Chamber MMA of neighboring city, East Stroudsburg was there in full force. The three-day expo saw more than a dozen local tattoo parlors leaving their mark on patrons wanting to go under the needle for that permanent piece of artwork they have always been wanting. Along with the ink and piercings came the rock music as nearly 20 bands played over the weekend.
  • Anthony Johnson Cut From UFC Following Missed Weight Cut And UFC 142 Loss

    On the heels of a first round submission loss and weight fiasco it should come as no surprise that Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been released from the UFC. A behind the scenes video on the day of weigh-ins allowed fans a glimpse into Dana White breaking the news to Vitor Belfort that Johnson was not going to come close to making weight. The look of disappointment in Belfort’s face was justified as he sat in agony chewing on a bag of ice. Belfort, his nutritionist Mike Dolce, Dana White, and the rest of the watching world recognized the unprofessionalism that Johnson was displaying not for the first or even second time but for the third time in his career with the UFC.
  • Vitor Belfort UFC 142 Post Fight Interview After Submitting Anthony Johnson

    Following his first round win against Anthony Johnson, Vitor Belfort sits down with the UFC team to do a post-fight interview. He talks about his mentality heading into the fight. For him "It was just another day in the gym. But today, it was a big gym." He talks about going into the Octagon with a do or die mentality. Belfort again expresses how unprofessional he though Johnson was in missing weight. He addresses how much he works inside and outside the cage for the UFC and how for him it’s work and fun.
  • Dana White's UFC 142 Vlog Day 2: Behind The Scenes of Anthony Johnson and His Weight Issues

    Dana White's UFC 142 Vlog Day 2 takes a behind the scenes look at the UFC 142 weigh ins. Watch as White takes a helicopter to the weigh-ins and sits down to talk to Vitor Belfort about Anthony Johnson not making weight. Mike Dolce of the "Dolce Diet" gives his advice on what Vitor should do. Also fans can see what took place at weigh ins from the "stage" perspective.
  • UFC 142 Weigh-Ins: Anthony Johnson Misses Weight by a Ridiculous 11-Pounds

    UFC Rio is by far one of the most exciting events in recent time for the fighters who are involved on this weekend’s fight card. Returning to the home of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the UFC-founding Gracie family is enough to get any mixed martial arts fan. The week leading up to the fights has been full of the usual activities and media releases. Even with all of the energy and excitement surrounding these fights, it is still up to the fighters to show up, make weight, and then put on a show. Unfortunately for Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who has made a habit of not making weight, the weigh-ins proved to be a nightmare as he hit the scales a whopping 11-pounds overweight.

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