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  • Sportfight X Results: O'Brien Submits Gabin, Livingston Stops Wilhite, Anders Outpoints Gaylord

    Sportfight X, one of the Southeast's longest-running mixed martial arts promotions, returned to Alabama for their latest show this past Saturday at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham's main event was between Daniel O'Brien of Triad Mixed Martial Arts (1-0) from Cullman, Alabama and Bellator, M1-Global and Elite XC Veteran Moyses Gabin (5-4) from Hollywood, Florida. O'Brien entered the cage as a professional fighter with an impressive resume as the 2011 Pan-American Gold Medalist in B.J.J. Brown Belt Division and 2011 Pan American No-Gi Silver Medalist in Brown Belt Division. SportFight X stated it was hard to pair Daniel against just anyone as hi...
  • Jake Shields Discusses Vegetarian Lifestyle and Moving Back to UFC Middleweight Division

    As Jake Shields continues his move back to middleweight strength training remains a very important part of his rigorous workouts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship contender talked to Dylan Falduto about how an active vegetarian lifestyle has allowed him to successfully compete in multiple divisions. "Everything is going really good. I'm in the early fight prep. Just doing a lot of fundamental striking and wrestling. Lifting a lot of weights. I am trying to bulk up, because I am moving up a weight class." Along with strength and conditioning, Shields finds himself eating much more liberally as he prepares for his return as a middleweight. "I work out so much so I have ...
  • Garrett 'G-Money' Holeve Refuses to Let Down's Syndrome Keep Him From His UFC Dream

    Garrett "G-Money" Holeve was born with Down's syndrome, a chromosomal condition that that affects about one of every 691 babies born in the United States each year. However, this awe inspiring young man refuses to let anyone tell him he is any different. After watching professional mixed martial arts Holeve wanted to become a fighter himself. With determination and the strength to follow his dreams, the Florida native turned to American Top Team in Davie, one of the premier MMA schools in the country.
  • UFC Veteran Rodney Wallace and Aaron Johnson Headline Renaissance Fight Night in Alabama on Saturday

    Fight Party, one of the south's longest running and most prestigious MMA promotions, will be the first sanctioned professional mixed martial arts fight to take place in Montgomery, Alabama when it invades the Convention Center on Saturday. Packed with five professional bouts, two advanced contests, and three amateur fights Fight Party is to be headlined by three-time Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Rodney "Shonuff" Wallace against Aaron "Tex" Johnson in the 185-pound division. The night's main event, which will put the organization's middleweight title up for grabs, is surrounded by rumors that a possible UFC contract is also on the line for the wi...
  • Undefeated Carolina Local Shane Crenshaw to Make XFC Debut Against Jason Hicks

    Shane Crenshaw will be making his XFC debut when the promotion travels to Charlotte, North Carolina on August 3 for XFC 19: Charlotte Showdown. The North Carolina fighter is currently 3-0 as a pro and 12-1 overall, with his sole loss coming from his very first fight. Since that loss, Crenshaw has won two amateur lightweight titles and has taken a fight in nearly every month of 2012. Crenshaw has a very balanced approach to his fights, admitting that his game plan is normally to stay away from an opponent's strengths and attack their weaknesses. Crenshaw has shown he has all the tools to be successful in MMA. He has the power to knock guys out, the skills to submit them, and has been t...
  • USCS Wrestling Techinque: Foot Sweep From a Single Leg

    Wrestling is a sport unlike most as a series of transitions are required to defeat an opponent. In all sports a key to winning is in transition, but none more than wrestling. The third sanctioned sport by the NCAA, behind track and field, wrestling is a battle between two hungry athletes where rest is for the weary and will cost a wrestler a victory. A series of moves is important to success, which comes from a wealth of knowledge, practice, hard work, and excellent coaching. One of the biggest faults of high school wrestlers is being unsure how to perform a skill correctly at a certain point.
  • South Carolina's Lawson McClure and Keith Richardson Battle for Supremacy at XFC 19

    XFC has pulled out all the cards for its upcoming show XFC: 19 Charlotte Showdown. The first event for the promotion in North Carolina will include some of the organizations top draws and will also include some of the region's top upcoming fighters. As the XFC has toured across the southeast from Florida to Tennessee and now on to North Carolina, they have gained a reputation for putting on some of the biggest regional fights in MMA. At each location, they are bringing together fighters from different organizations and different weight classes to find out who is really the best in the world. The Charlotte stop, August 3rd, will include another top prospect regional fight between two o...
  • XFC 19: Strikeforce Veteran Mike Bronzoulis Fills In Against Corey Hill After Jason South Drops Out for Personal Reasons

    Corey Hill, scheduled to participate in the XFC 19: Charlotte Showdown main event on August 3, received a call last night from XFC President John Prisco that his opponent Jason South has dropped from the fight for personal reasons. Prisco extended the invitation to replace South with 14-5-1 Mike Bronzoulis, to which Hill quickly agreed saying "Let's do this!" The change, announced publicly today via XFC staff, comes just a few short weeks before the promotion ventures into Charlotte, North Carolina for the first time. Bronzoulis is a Strikeforce and Legacy FC veteran with 20 professional fights that include 14 victories. He has earned a reputation for his fan friendly style ...
  • Little Observations in the Big World of MMA: Anderson Silva, Youth MMA, Televised Fights, and Training Injuries

    Take a look back at the world of mixed martial arts five years ago. Middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva was just beginning to create his legend within the UFC, televised MMA was a privilege not a right, and youth MMA was only a portion of what it is today. With the combative sports world continuously growing each day, read along as US Combat Sports Reporter Carl Lange recounts the firsthand observations he has witnessed within the fight scene on a handful of topics.
  • Alabama MMA Regulations Proving Costly as American eXtreme Combat Closes Doors for Good

    The continuously taxing mixed martial arts regulations within Alabama have caused another major shakeup as American eXtreme Combat (AXC) have reportedly closed the cage door for the last time. AXC owner Ray Echols told Alabama MMA that he is honored to be in the record books as the first licensed promoter to host a mixed martial arts events in Alabama and the second to host a Pro / Am Show under the Alabama Athletic Commission, but the overall stress of everything simply took too much out of him and the promotion. This makes the second promoter to close since the AAC started sanctioning MMA in January. Echols was a pioneer in the local area and the first to every host a Relay For Life fund...

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