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  • UFC 144: Slick Boxing and Impeccable Takedown Defense Will Propel Frankie Edgar to Knockout Ben Henderson

    For Frankie Edgar, the road to becoming the Ultimate Fighting Championship's lightweight title-holder has included hard work, legendary battles, and timely wins. However, since earning the title back in April of 2010 by upsetting future Hall of Famer B.J. Penn, "The Answer" has fought just two separate opponents, Penn again, and Gray Maynard twice to keep the belt. In October, the New Jersey-native ended his trilogy with Maynard in great fashion with a fourth-round knockout of the only man to defeat him. Now, the surging Benson Henderson awaits Edgar at UFC 144 in Saitama, Japan.
  • UFC 144: Why Size and Power Will Help Ben Henderson Upset Frankie Edgar for the UFC Lightweight Title

    No one will ever have to remind the MMA world, or Benson Henderson for that matter, about his remarkably entertaining battles against top-notch fighters such as Clay Guida, Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis, and Donald Cerrone. Since transitioning into the UFC from the now-defunct WEC last year, Henderson has embarked on a three-fight winning streak that includes his most recent Fight of the Night performance against Guida. And now, this Saturday at UFC 144 in Japan, the former WEC lightweight champion looks to capture his biggest victory yet when he faces Frankie Edgar for the UFC 155-pound strap. And this one could be the most intense battle both men have ever seen.
  • MMA and Claude Monet: The Art of Judging Mixed Martial Arts and Why It Will Never Be Perfect

    There has always been a fair share of complaints concerning the judging system in mixed martial arts. The general consensus is that the current system is horribly flawed and although almost everyone has a different idea of what to change, everyone agrees that something must change. Personally, as a fan, I hate when fights go to decision. Not because all fights that do are bad fights, because there are many great fights that have gone to decision. The problem is that once a fight goes into the judge’s hands, anything can happen. So, how can it be fixed? Well, this is where my opinion probably differs from many. Where I agree that there can be and should be improvements, I’m not so sure that...
  • Low Blow Radio: UFC on Fuel Review, Nick Diaz's Positive Drug Test, Showtime Boxing Preview

    On this edition of the Low Blow, the guys discuss the main event between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez on UFC on Fuel, Nick Diaz's positive drug test, and Paul Williams bout against Nobuhiro Ishida on Showtime. "The Dream" had a chance to ensure all Albuquerque fighters as top contenders for the welterweight title but Ellenberger had other plans as he outpointed Sanchez en route to a close unanimous decision. We break down Sanchez's gameplan and the UFC's decision to only make this fight three rounds. We also talk about Stefan Struve's impressive TKO over Dave Herman and impressions of the Fuel TV production. Since our last show the MMA world has been buz...
  • WWE Wrestler CM Punk and Rener Gracie Talk Triangle Choke That Submitted Severn

    Recently I had heard a comment that CM Punk was the most famous wrestler in the World Wrestling Entertainment organization today. The comment was in an article leaking a rumor that Chael Sonnen was to walk to the octagon with the wrestling entertainer during his fight with Michael Bisping last year. I found myself wondering how this statement was even possible since I had barely even heard the name. When I think of famous wrestlers I think of guys I followed when I was younger before I came to realize that the events may be slightly ficticious….cough, cough on the slightly. I thought of monsters in the sport, guys who were massive in sizelike Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Sting, or even guy...
  • MTV’s “Caged” Puts Black Eye on Sport and is Quite Possibly the World's Worst Show

    Apparently I must have been living under a rock because for nearly the past 20 years I have watched practically everything ever aired on television regarding the beloved sport of mixed martial arts, but somehow I missed a somewhat new reality series called “Caged.” “Since you are always watching MMA, why don’t you watch that new show on MTV called ‘Caged’?” my wife asked me last night after putting our children to bed.What on earth are is she talking about, I silently wondered to myself. So we quickly went to the remote control, found the Video on Demand button and began watching episode one of the series.And that’s where the excitement stops. Because the show included commercials, the run...
  • Low Blow Radio: Condit vs. Diaz Aftermath, Weekend Boxing Review, Sanchez vs. Ellenberger Preview

    On this edition of the Low Blow the guys talk about the ongoing controversy over Carlos Condit's victory against Nick Diaz and Donaire and Chavez's less than impressive performances on HBO Boxing. We also talk about the first UFC on Fuel TV card featuring Diego Sanchez vs Jake Ellenberger and talk about Manny Pacquiao fight against Tim Bradley.
  • Love Him or Hate Him, Nick Diaz is Good for Mixed Martial Arts

    Last night at UFC 143 Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit fought five exciting rounds for the interim welterweight title in Las Vegas. But it was what happened after the fight sent shockwaves through the mixed martial arts community. At just 28 years of age Diaz announced his retirement from the fight game. Realistically, it is still uncertain if Diaz’s words were that of pure frustration and do not hold any real weight or if the former Strikeforce welterweight champion truly is done with the sport.
  • Mixed Martial Arts Community Makes Super Bowl Predictions

    It’s that time of the year again….no not Christmas. This Sunday the National Football League will host its official last game of the season; the Super Bowl. On the biggest stage of them all, in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, the New York Giants will once again take on the New England Patriots. The Giants won their first outing in 2008 by a score of 17-14. Midway through this year’s season the Giants were a long-shot from even being considered to be in the big game, but the Pats were always considered a heavy favorite among other teams like the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers. The Giants miraculously eliminated both the Packers and the Niners to claim the NFC ch...
  • UFC 143: How Carlos Condit Will Solve the Nick Diaz Riddle and Become the UFC Interim Welterweight Champion

    It’s nearly impossible to tune into any portion of the mixed martial arts media and not hear about Nick Diaz’s boxing ability. And it is pretty good; having mastered the art of punches in bunches and mixing in concrete body shots. With that said Carlos Condit should not try to out box him or it will be a long night, something Condit is assuredly aware. Instead, look for “The Natural Born Killer” to use his Muay Thai as a way to keep Diaz at a distance. Condit, who trains out of Jackson’s MMA, has been known to use his kicks to set up punches and take away the will to be aggressive. Just ask Dan Hardy. Couple that with the best finishing instincts in the business and it is plain to see that...

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