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  • Strength and Conditioning for Optimal Performance

    At some point in the sport's development, coaches and fighters decided that because mixed martial arts is “extreme” or “crazy,” the workouts should be, too. But, looking at the facts, mixed martial arts strength and conditioning shouldn't be any different from other sports. I’m willing to bet that almost every mixed martial arts fan out there can think of at least three fights in 2010, in shows as big as the UFC, that were decided by conditioning. And it doesn’t take a genius to understand that to make it to that level, one does not ignore preparation. So why, then, can an athlete not go for 15-25 minutes of competition with all that he has. Is it will and determination? While me...
  • After the Cut: Safely Replenishing Your Body After Weight Cut

    It’s Thursday afternoon, you’re dying for a bite of anything- anything. Only one more day until you step on the scale and, finally, put that weight back on. But maybe that shouldn't be your main concern. Honestly, what do you worry about more: cutting weight, or bulking back up after the weigh in? I’m willing to bet that you said cutting the weight. Sure, that’s the stressful part, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. In a study of Division 1 college wrestlers, Yankanich, Kenney, Fleck, and Kraemer of the Pennsylvania State University found that the speed in which an athlete cut weight the week prior to an event had no effect on the hydration status following the cut (5). In other wo...
  • Roxy Balboa Richardson Introduces Function 5 Fitness and Talks Nutrition

    Sponsored by RevGear and known for her killer straight right and her strong opinions on nutrition and fitness régimes, Roxy “Balboa” Richardsonwas the IAMTF Women's Lightweight Champ from 2008 2009.A professional fighter and savvy businesswoman, Roxy took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her career and nutritional philosophy with US Combat Sports.
  • Elicit Strength Gains: A Combat Sports S & C Workout

    Alright, so I know it gets boring to hear me go on and on about esoteric work out stuff. I know I spend more time bitching and moaning, climbing up on my soap box and ranting at you about “the influence of ego on training,” “misplaced priorities” and my general pissy-ness about the fitness industry than giving you want you want.
  • Cross Fit: A New Way to Train

    It seems more and more people are drawn to training in MMA even without the intent of actually competing. Cross fitness has certainly tapped into this niche. The bodybuilding type workouts that dominated in the 70's and 80's have given way to fitness programs that incorporate cardio, strength, flexibility and sport specific exercises. Feel free to join NMCS forum groups or blog space to share your experiences and workouts that have proven effective. Share your passion!
  • Principles of Progress No. 2 - Water

    Water. Two-thirds of the planet is covered in the stuff. It’s everywhere – plants, animals, oceans, lakes, rivers, diet coke – no wonder it’s considered essential to our lives.
  • Principles of Progress No. 1 - Sleep

    Although this series of articles is technically entitled “Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports,” I’m going to spend some time this week discussing outside factors that affect both performance and body composition.
  • Strength vs Conditioning

    The combat sports community has made great strides in regards to embracing the world of "functional" training, and shedding the ineffective shackles of bodybuilding-style training. In that transition, though, the value of training for strength has become neglected. It is almost as though an aversion to basic, practical weight training has been cultivated in pursuit of ultimate functionality.
  • Nuts and Bolts, Part 2

    (Formerly Exercises You Should Be Doing...But Probably Aren't) The Windmill A versatile exercise that can be done using a kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, child, warhammer, etc; the windmill has fallen out of favor with modern fitness enthusiasts due to its challenging nature and the incorrect perception that it is damaging to the spine. Just like any movement that involves movement and the hip and loading of the spine, the windmill could potentially be injurious, but only if done recklessly, with poor form and too much weight. When done with proper technique, the windmill is an invaluable movement for spinal strength and hip/lower back flexibility. Let's do it. 1. The windmill ...
  • Exercises You Should Be Doing...But Probably Aren't

    The deadlift. One of the central "slow lifts" and a mainstay in powerlifting and strongman competitions. You're probably already familiar with this movement, but we're going to break it down in a little more detail, pointing out some common mistakes, and get you pulling more than you ever imagined.

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