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  • Protect Your Brain With Brain-Pad (CONTEST)

    Imagine you are a competitor in a contact sport such as football or hockey or better yet a sport more tolling on your facial structure as in boxing or mixed martial arts. Now, imagine every time you took a hit to the jaw you became violently ill and vomited all over yourself and the very ring you are competing in.That is exactly what would happen to former professional boxer Jesse Ferguson. "The Boogieman" as Ferguson was called fought against some of the very best in the sport including Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, and James "Buster" Douglas.
  • Defense Soap: The Ultimate Combat Athlete Soap

    With all of the dangers we are forced to deal with from our participation in combat sports it’s hard to believe there is anything more dreadful than getting submitted, injured, or knocked out. But lurking in gyms across the country is an enemy far more menacing than the individual you face-off with on the mats. Skin diseases like Ringworm, Staph, MRSA, and Herpes have been an ongoing battle that athletes have had to contend with over the years that have resulted in serious health problems causing skin irritation, hospitalization, and even death. Luckily for us, as we are taught in training for every offense, there is a defense to counteract the opponent.
  • 8 Great Exercises to Reach MMA Fitness Levels

    The people who participate in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are some of the most well-trained and physically fit individuals in the world. Many of them are on par with Olympic athletes, pushing themselves to the limits of their willpower and endurance to get better every day. Those who become the best in MMA organizations are those who train the hardest to become masters of their sport. No detail of training gets overlooked when trying to achieve the well-honed body of an MMA champion. Workout routines and exercises designed to achieve MMA-level fitness focus on different aspects that are tried and tested. Endurance, raw power, flexibility, striking power, speed and agility are just a few of th...
  • Do You Train Mentally As Hard As You Do Physically? Tips To Help You Perform Better

    Coaches often talk about how competition is 90% mental and 10% physical. Yet many focus completely on the physical side before fights or competitions. This could be because fighters believe that they don't need to prepare mentally, don't know how to prepare mentally, or sometimes let egos get in the way and and think that to prepare mentally makes them weak. Yet, most high level athletes have enlisted the help of sports psychologist to assist with mental hurdles, including UFC Champion Georges St. Pierre.
  • Kamagon Ball: The Next Evolution in Strength and Conditioning

    Everyone who trains in any form of combative sport understands the importance of strength and conditioning. The market has been flooded with all sorts of products from all kinds of personalities such as Martin Rooney's book and website Training for Warriors, Georges St. Pierre's RushFit program, and Brandon Vera's endorsement of the TRX suspension system. With so many products on the market it can make it difficult to differentiate the gimmicks from the training tools that should be a part of every combat athlete’s arsenal. The Kamagon claims to be one of the latter.
  • Is the UFC Gym the Next Generation of Training Facility?

    Some might say that the UFC Gym is another way for Zuffa to stuff millions of dollars into their pockets and yet in reality it is a brilliant blend of workout and combative fitness programs designed to lure both aspiring fighters and the everyday person hoping to get into better physical condition.
  • What to Know about Cutting Water Weight

    Weight cutting is the practice of rapidly attempting to lose weight prior to a sporting competition. It most frequently happens in order to qualify for a lower weight class (usually in combat sports, where weight is a significant advantage) or in sports where it is advantageous to weigh as little as possible. Many athletes think of weight cutting as an art, and there are many things that must be considered during cutting weight including total amount of weight to be lost, how much time you will have to rehydrate, the duration of the event in which you will be competing, as well as several other factors.
  • Russian Kettlebell Expert Zar Horton Helps Students Achieve Superior Fitness

    Zar Horton, a twenty-three year veteran of the Albuquerque Fire Department, and his team of fitness specialists have brought Russian Kettlebell training to denizens of the Duke City. Working out of their studio aptly named Firebellz, Horton and crew put elite athletes and everyday folks through the paces of efficient, functional workouts by way of the kettlebell.
  • Rudog Nutrition Takes a Bite Out of Weight Cutting Myths

    Proper nutrition is important for everyone, but especially professional MMA fighters who train six to eight hours a day. Nutrients foster everything in the body from adequate energy levels in muscles to healthy skin and muscle growth. Unfortunately, many fighters face the pressure of dropping 10, 20, 30 or more pounds to make a weight classand choose to malnourish and dehydrate their body before a fight.
  • Ringworm: How to Prevent Every Athletes Worst Enemy

    Ringworm, or tinea as it’s known medically, is an infectious skin disease caused by mold like fungi called Dermatophytes. These Dermatophytes thrive on dead tissues on skin surface and follow a circular path to spread its infection outward. Combative sports participants need to take an active measure to prevent this condition, and here’s how.

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