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  • Dolce-Approved Honey Ginger Chicken Wings for the Big Game

    This Sunday more Americans will consume chicken wings than on any other day of the year.

    According to the National Chicken Council’s 2014 Wing Report, 1.25 billion wings will be devoured during Super Bowl XLVIII, as fans watch the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos battle for the Lombardi Trophy, matching the record level of 2012. That is about 20 million more wings than were consumed last year during Super Bowl XLVII.

  • MMA Training- Taking Sparring to a Science

    For those looking to be competitive in the Mixed Martial Arts scene, there are so many stepping stones that one much go through in order to sharpen their skills. Hours in the gym dedicating time to your craft, drilling positions, shadow boxing, hitting the pads, lifting weights, etc. is only a slice of the pie when it comes to the work behind MMA.

    After you spend hours in the gym, day-after-day, you head home and spend hours at home and at work making sure you eat clean and are treating your body right. Getting adequate sleep, proper hydration, etc. can be very nit-picky, but it’s helpful.

  • TITIN up your workout with TITIN Tech

    TITIN Tech recently introduced TITIN Force,TM, the world’s only weighted compression shirt system, a shirt that not only looks pretty cool but will literally kick your butt into gear. Don’t say we didn’t warn you……This shirt will kick your a$$!

    TITIN Force layers eight pounds of hydro-gel inserts across the upper body’s major muscles, creating a hyper-gravity training environment for workouts and athletic training without restricting body movement.

    Unlike regular weight vests that are usually filled with heavy lead weights that restrict movement, the TITIN Force compression shirt can actually be worn when training mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and nearly any and all exercises.

  • Fight Hangovers and Get Back in the Ring with Blowfish

    The best nights out usually lead to the worst mornings and sometimes drag out to the worst day. Consuming alcohol in excess often leads to dehydration, headaches and upset stomach. These unwelcome side effects can and will put a damper in your training routine if you are a mixed martial artist.

    Most serious competitors will tell you that they do not drink at all while in training and that is perfectly understandable. They want to be at the top of their game and not cast a shadow of doubt at any time during training. But for those younger athletes who just cannot stay away from the night scene, Blowfish may be the answer to your concerns.

  • Warriors Training Center Grand Opening and Northern NM MMA Seminar Delight Attendees (PHOTOS)

    The Pueblo of Pojoaque, just north of Santa Fe, can now count Warriors Training Center among its community businesses. To kick off the Grand Opening, trainers and WTC founders Angelo Sanchez and Robert Romero held their second Northern NM Martial Arts Seminar.

    Sanchez is perhaps best known among fight fans as a long time competitor and belt holder in the King of the Cage promotion. Romero has spent more time in the cage then most as one of New Mexico’s top MMA referees, and is a BJJ Brown Belt.

    The Warriors Training Center is located at 16 Viarrial just off Highway 285 between Santa Fe and Espanola. The gym, which is a sister school of the Santa Fe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, is amply equipped with mats, a boxing ring, and MMA cage.

  • Building Grappling Strength with DFX Powerballs (CONTEST)

    "It is the only product you will feel an effect in the first minute of use."

    That is a statement from Tom Smith, President of Dynaflex, makers of the DFX Sports and Fitness Powerballs also known as sports gyros that are revolutionizing the way athletes recover from injuries to one of the most crucial areas of their bodies, their wrists.

    When you look at the small circular object known as a gyro you would never believe that one could put up to 60 pounds of resistance, but it does.

  • Jake Shields Discusses Vegetarian Lifestyle and Moving Back to UFC Middleweight Division

    As Jake Shields continues his move back to middleweight strength training remains a very important part of his rigorous workouts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship contender talked to Dylan Falduto about how an active vegetarian lifestyle has allowed him to successfully compete in multiple divisions.

    "Everything is going really good. I'm in the early fight prep. Just doing a lot of fundamental striking and wrestling. Lifting a lot of weights. I am trying to bulk up, because I am moving up a weight class."

    Along with strength and conditioning, Shields finds himself eating much more liberally as he prepares for his return as a middleweight. "I work out so much so I have to make sure I eat a lot. I try to eat about six meals a day. I take a couple protein shakes. I use Sun Warrior protein. I drink one shake in the morning and one at night, and just try to eat as much as possible."

  • Mud Energy: A New Way To Energize, Maximize, and Sustain MMA Workouts

    The world's most unique form of supplemental energy may be extremely beneficial for the mixed martial artist in you, even if the idea did come from a diver.

    Jeff Bonisa, an executive chef, avid waterman, rider and someone that likes to play hard, began his adventure in 2009 when he created Mud Energy Gel.

    Bonisa, otherwise known as the "Mud Guy", wanted to create a product that would do three things for the user such as energize, maximize and sustain.

  • USCS Wrestling Technique: Single Leg Seatbelt Toss

    Wrestling is the world's oldest sport dating back to ancient Greek times. And as the sport has evolved, so has the amount of intelligent ways of dragging opponents down to the mat.

    Every takedown has a counter, and with every counter an opponent defends with, a smart wrestler must be able to shift gears into another offensive attack.

    The single leg seatbelt toss isn't a recommended first hand move to use in an arsenal attacking your foe. However, it is a technique that can create uncertainty next time an opponent decides to use a whizzer defending a single leg attack.

  • Maximum Athletic Sport Suit is Designed to Increase Your Striking Ability Through Resistance Bands

    Anytime that the most skilled person in any profession uses a product to enhance their ability, it's safe to say that the product is legit. Such is the case for pound-for-pound champ Anderson Silva and his usage of a full body suit with controllable resistance bands to help aid in his professional mixed martial arts training.

    The Maximum Athletic Sport Suit, otherwise known as MASS, provides the user with extreme resistance training while providing a full range of motion.

    The suit was originally designed by Jesse Nicassio in order to "give people the edge they have been looking for". The design certainly seems to be working.

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