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  • Fight Log Media: A Fighter’s Training Journal

    Many athletes work day in and day out to improve their performance to maintain their status in being one step ahead of the competition. Striving to aid individuals with their athletic performance and personal development Fight Log Media is a performance based company that's specializes in providing the best training journals to combat sport athletes.

    A full fledge participant in various fighting sport sectors, through his own experience owner of the Fight Log company Jerome Gage has first-hand knowledge of the daily grind to becoming a better athlete.

    Reflective on his journey into the creation of these helpful training logs, Gage sits down with us at US Combat Sports as he gives us an in-depth look at how Fight Log Journals can help you reach your goals !

  • The winning approach of Dyton Galliher: Teaching children martial arts

    When children come into any martial art field they arrive with a distinct advantage in their endless reach of growth in development in the practice of becoming life champions. Life in Martial Arts has without question shaped Dyton Galliher into the person he is today; a brown belt in Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu and a professional mixed martial arts fighter, martial arts has made a profound impact on his life stemming from the adversity, motivation, and other traits gained along the journey. Looking to pass on his knowledge to others Galliher’s new found role as the youth instructor at Lion BJJ and Muay Thai academy has created new challenges for the brown belt in his duty of developing young prospects to reaching a high level of greatness on and off the mat which is touched on in this exclusive interview with us at USCS.

  • Marines use martial arts to hone combat readiness

    A 28 x 28 foot structure was completed in June to serve as a training facility for the active duty and reserve component Marines of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 25th Marine Corps Regiment at Picatinny Arsenal, N.J.

    This “pit,” as it is called, is where the Marines train and qualify for different belt levels in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, also known as MCMAP.

  • Petite and Precious, Krista Anzelone overcomes fears and odds. Thankful for Jiu-Jitsu

    Weighing less than 100-pounds and barely peaking over five-feet tall, Krista ‘Precious’ Anzelone, 45, is not your typical Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. While the sport she now loves may have garnered attention and fame after a smaller Royce Gracie proved that size does not matter in competition if you know how to manipulate your opponents joints and ligaments, Jiu-Jitsu was still mostly known as the art of the smaller man beating the larger man; there was no mention of petite women in the mix.

  • Jotunn Samurai BJJ Kimono Review

    It wasn’t that long ago when a new fightwear company burst onto the martial arts market scene placing itself in the endless superhuman race to demonstrate its strength to service the BJJ community with their products.

    Soaring high off the successful release of its debut kimono, the Assassin, Jotunn Fightwear’s phenomenal introduction has already established themselves as a rising standout company looking in constructing its own lane toward greatness.

  • Amateur Spotlight: Mr. 4 Real, Brandon Grundy - Sponsorships Needed to Keep Fighters In the Cage

    As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow across the globe each year, new fighters develop and blossom from various walks of life. Similar to most every other sport, training is a requirement. As new fighters look to climb the ladder in the sport, trainers, gyms, managers, and coaches become more and more costly. The majority of fighters pay out of pocket until they at a level where sponsors help pick up the tab.

    The training and personnel required to properly compete at championship level often becomes too expensive for the average fighter eventually pushing them out of a sport where they otherwise might excel. Finding sponsors is a difficult task for most fighters who run triple duty as a full-time employee, fighter, and a parent.

    Brandon “Mr. 4Real” Grundy, an amateur fighter competing out of McGehee, Arkansas; is one of the thousands of competitors currenlty seeking sponsorship. Mr. 4 Real holds a perfect record at 3-0 and plans to stretch the streak to four wins at his February 16th bout.

  • Baby Grappling: Not So Childish

    Some of the world's best grapplers began learning their trade at a very early age, naturally providing them with an edge over their competitors. Many of these young practitioners began rolling with a jiu-jitsu gi.

    The jiu-jitsu gi is an outfit or uniform if you will, often times worn by participants of the sport. The gi consists of a heavy cotton jacket, trousers and a belt.

    Learning jiu-jitsu with a gi is even more advantageous to the competitor because if used properly the gi can also be used as a weapon. Now more than ever children are starting to get involved in the sport not only for exercise but also for self-defense.

  • Brittney Palmer Brings Joy With 12 Days of MMA Christmas Video

    Gamma Labs, a sports nutrition company dedicated to supplying its customers with natural supplements based on the latest science has just released a festive video in spirit of the upcoming holiday season.

    The classic tune 12 Days of Christmas, which has been redone on too many different facets to even begin to count, is performed by MMA superstars Chuck Liddell, Urijah Faber, Chris Weidman, Brittney Palmer and more.

    Below are the following items that each was delivered via their true love:

  • Meet Anna Dudley: The Future of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    They say there is always two sides to a coin; two sides to a story. This is generally the case for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Some people do it because it's fun and will tell you it's nothing but a hobby, while a select few understand that with jujitsu the possibilities are endless.

    One of those select few is 9 year old, Anna Dudley, who just recently started fourth grade at Quarry Hill Community School in Monson, Ma. Long before Dudley could even imagine the fourth grade she was on the mats learning BJJ from one of her heroes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Marco Alvan.

    Under Alvan's tutelage Dudley has become well known throughout the NAGA circuit as a fearsome opponent who guillotines her competition with bad intentions. Anna's mother explained to me how they found the "Team Link BJJ Program" under Marco Alvan.

  • ABQ Crossfit Athlete Adam Baca Reflects on 2012 Death Race and Prepares For Next Year (PHOTOS)

    A few weeks back we told you about three local athletes and owners of Albuquerque Crossfit who braved the insurmountable rigors of the Death Race, an extreme, survivalist 72-hour outdoor race in the wilds of the Vermont Woods.

    We'll bring it to you in their words as they look forward to the 2013 Race. The following excerpts are from the personal accounts of Duke City Death Racer, Crossfitter, and professional photographer Adam Baca.

    It's been a few months since Chad, Ben, and I ended the 2012 Death Race. Going into the race we had somewhat of an understanding of what we were asking of our bodies, our emotions, and our general psyches. That understanding turned out to be insufficient to immediately deal with the aftermath of the race."

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