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  • Five Things Frank Mir Must Do To Defeat Junior dos Santos at UFC 146

    UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is a very dangerous man. Currently in the midst of a nine fight winning streak that includes some of the sport's most dangerous competitors, "Cigano" looks unstoppable according to many critics. But the UFC's heavyweight division has been anything but stable over the past few years and Saturday's bout pitting dos Santos against former champion Frank Mir could be much of the same.
  • Jon Jones: How Will the UFC's Biggest Star Handle His Recent DUI Arrest?

    Since his arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing his Bentley into a utility pole in Binghamton, N.Y this weekend there has been a lot of talk about how the accident will affect Jon Jones personally. Will his fan base remain loyal to him? Will his popularity continue to rise? Or will Jones descend downward with his newfound stardom? Last year Jones and UFC President Dana White starred in a Bud Light commercial promoting one of the UFC events. The message flashed across the screen, "Enjoy Responsibly," and nobody thought anything of it.
  • Is there fighter loyalty in MMA?

    I often wonder why I don’t feel the pull towards a particular fighter the same as I would towards a local sports team in the MLB, NFL, or NBA. The answer could be as simple as events are held all over the world with little or no connection to the fighters on the card. But it could be much more complicated. If you are truly devoted to a fighter you would follow exactly where he is from and where he trains. Is location really the only thing that makes people devoted to their team? It seems a matter of convenience that you favorite team plays down the road.
  • Justin Lawrence: 150 Amateur Bouts? Show Me the Money

    That line made famous by Cuban Gooding Jr., in the film “Jerry McGuire” became a statement that was regularly used in a situation where the validity of someone’s statement is in question. The person may promise some type of result and the correct response would be “show me the money”. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it. I have been following this season of the Ultimate Fighter to the same degree as all of the previous ones, but one of this seasons starts has a unique quality unlike any of the past fighters that has thrown me for a loop.
  • Despite Fan Support Jon Jones Will Hold Every Other Advantage in His Impending Battle with Dan Henderson

    Immediately following his win over former training partner Rashad Evans at UFC 145 this weekend, Jon Jones received confirmation from UFC President Dana White that his next opponent will be the legend Dan Henderson. Henderson, a former world title holder for both Strikeforce and Pride Fighting Championship, has yet to earn gold in the UFC. And despite the amount of fans that would love to see Henderson take Jones' title, don't count on it. After simultaneously holding two titles in different weight classes while employed by Pride, Henderson was brought over to the UFC after Zuffa, the parent organization of the UFC, purchased Pride in 2007.
  • UFC 145: Rashad Evans' Mouth Proves Far Ahead of his Game After Lackluster Loss to Jon Jones

    In a performance very similar to the previous five opponents of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Rashad Evans struggled to get anything going. He was unable to put Jones on the mat and his striking was virtually nonexistent aside from a couple punches here and there. And why should we be surprised? Jones has a reach that is similar to Stretch Armstrong and his takedown defense is perfect in the UFC. However, if we look closer to the prefight hype, we should have known this was going to happen. This fight was billed as an exciting battle, filled with emotion and ill will between the two. Many believed that this fight had a chance to be a Fight of the Year candidate. This sounds a l...
  • USCS Fight of the Week: Former Teammates Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Clash at UFC 145

    This Saturday night in Atlanta the drama-filled feud between Jon "Bones" Jones and "Suga" Rashard Evans will finally be settled the way men handle problems, with their hands. These two former teammates will meet in the Octagon with the coveted UFC title on the line. As the fight draw closer, the indecisive guessing of who will be the better man continues by fans. Much like having a favorite football team, fans attach themselves to a fighter supporting them through their careers. Both hailing from New York, which one these empire state fighters will have the upper hand in Saturday night's title match?
  • Has Dana White Underestimated the WWE's Power With Brock Lesnar?

    While no one can deny the power of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the growth that Zuffa has shown since taking the company over in 2002, the recent departure of Brock Lesnar to the WWE may suggest that Dana White has a bigger fight on his hands than anyone thought. Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and WWE World Champion, left the professional wrestling world to go after MMA in 2007. He set the MMA and UFC world on fire and in just his fourth MMA fight of his career defeating UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture for the Heavyweight Title. The media sensation defended his title twice before losing the belt to Cain Velasquez in October of 2010. After a second round of diverticulitou...
  • Enough Bullying Already: Stop Being a Bully or Pay Up

    The focus of mixed martial arts, especially, on the professional level, has never been to entice youth into fighting. Violence has never and will never be the appropriate answer to solve problems, and in most cases acting out in anger will land you in jail. Bullying has become one of the most prevalent stories in the news as of late as kids and young adults often do not know what is acceptable behavior and where to draw the line. Online bullying has become even more prevalent with the use of social media tools turning the person that would usually avoid confrontation into a keyboard warrior because they do not have to look their adversary in the eye and stand toe to toe. So when I found ...
  • Will Alistair Overeem Fight Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146? If Not, Who Should?

    Is Alistair Overeem going to challenge Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight title at UFC 146 in May? That is the main question on everyone's mind right now. Overeem will appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to discuss the findings of a failed pre-fight drug screening. The ratio that is deemed acceptable by the NSAC is 6:1, however, Overeem failed with a 16:1 ratio, ten times the allowable limit. NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer has said that the Commission will make their decision on whether or not to license Overeem in two weeks leaving just one month before UFC 146. So does the commission allow Overeem to fight? And if not, who replaces him, if any...

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