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  • Like Mother, Like Daughter Pt. 3: Passing the Torch

    With her clout in Judo building and with her skills almost undeniable, Ronda had suffered a devastating knee injury at the age of 16 which kept her out of Nationals that year. Devastated, doctors told her that Judo might be a thing of the past for Rousey. They came to this conclusion when she demonstrated certain moves that called for a lot of pressure and strain being placed on her bad knee.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter Pt. 2 - Ronda's Start in Combat Sport

    If you do notknow the name ‘Ronda Rousey’ by now and you claim to befan of mixed martial arts, then please for the sake of everything good about this earth, Google her ASAP! Her track record is quite impressive: Olympic Bronze Medalist, Strikeforce Women’s Champion, UFC Women’s Champion, first female fight in UFC history, etc. But in order for her to get where she is now, it all had to start somewhere. Good thing her mom, Ann Maria, just so happened to be one of the most lethal Judokas in the states (I include more detail about this in myprevious post at Science of Skill).
  • Meet Ronda Rousey's Mom Part 1- Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Imagine yourself at 12 years old. What were you like; what was your hair like, your social skills, your athletic abilities? Now think of all the outlets you had to channel your youthful down-time into something constructive. For little Ann-Maria Burns, she seems to gladly recalls what she was like. For a little girl in Alton, Illinois who was hitting that awkward stage of life, and with only three sports to choose from at her local YMCA, Ann-Maria “slipped on a banana peel” and found her calling.
  • MMA Fighter - PA Trooper - Russo Hammers Out Dog Violence

    Pat “The Punisher” Russo, 33, is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a former police officer in Plainfield, N.J., now a Pennsylvania state trooper and a professional mixed martial artist. The former Military Police Officer, now a resident of Allentown, PA has been serving on the Pennsylvania state police out of the Belfast for eight years. The hours of his work schedule may vary from time to time, however they follow a pattern of 10 consecutive days on with four days off. “If I’m not in a patrol car, I’m in the gym” Russo said.
  • Alan Jouban Discusses his Development as a Fighter and Upcoming Title Fight Against Rigo Oropeza

    Ripping the runway in his journey through the fight scene, Alan Jouban has always commanded the presence of a future star in mixed martial arts. An incredible talent combined with a hard work ethicit should come asno surprise as to why he has achieved great success thus far in his career. Returning after a year hiatus, Jouban finds himself at a pinnacle moment in his career as he gets a golden opportunity in a welterweight title fight against Rigo Oropeza. USCS caught upwithJouban as he touches on his development as a fighter and the importance of his upcoming title fight.
  • Ben Askren on "Hard Work" in MMA

    If there is a book with the most clichéd, over-used terms in sports I’m sure “the heart of a champion” is on the first few pages. Yes, it does get a bit cheesy and played out, but through it all it does hold weight. When there is an athlete that has heart and will power that almost trumps their world-class skills, that is a dangerous mixture. For elite fighters such as Ben Askren, there is always something that separates him from being “great” or being “good.” Always being open to putting your nose to the grindstone and going the extra mile is what makes someone great. The little things; film, dieting, researching your opponent, looking to evolve your game…all of these things that happen ou...
  • Damacio Page, Coming Full Circle for Legacy Debut at LFC 20

    Newly-signed Legacy bantamweight (and former WEC and UFC fighter) Damacio Page (15-8) will be stepping into the cage for his first post-UFC fight, against Patrick “The Juggernaut” Ybarra (4-0 out of American Revolution) at Legacy Fighting Championship 20, at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, on May 31, 2013, broadcast live on AXS TV.
  • Stephan Kesting Interview - Learning from a Loss

    USCS reporter Dan's Faggella's full interview with Stephan Kestingis titled "How to Beat Bigger and Stronger Grapplers - and you can download the entire interview with Stephan Kesting (plus a bonus eBook) online now Stephan Kesting is "one of those guys" who's been on the BJJ scene online since the early days. His site ("Grapplearts") has changed over the years but his emphasis has always been helping grapplers grow. When I was able to interview Stephan about winning against bigger and stronger opponents, I knew that one of the topics we'd enevitably touch upon was learning from wins and losses in competition.
  • Larry Watson Set to Battle Cory Harsh At King of the Cage In Lac Du Flambeau at the Lake Of the Torches Casino

    The King of the Cage returns April 13,,with an exciting card at the Lake of the Torches Casino in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin. On the amateur fight card of “Lights Out”, one match up stands out from the rest as the exciting 2-0, Larry Watson will battle against 10-10, Cory Harsh of Michigan. The national promotion King of the Cage will be a great place for Watson to showcase his raw skills. The fight at the Lake of the Torches Casino is an amateur bout using professional rules. Elbows, Knees to the face, and submission attacks to the legs are all acceptable during the bout. Each fighter is cutting weight from 170-pounds to battle at 155 (lightweight) on April 13.
  • Ben Askren - In the Mind of a Champion

    There is little that Ben Askren has not accomplished in his lifetime: Men’s Freestyle Pan Am Gold Medalist, Gold Medalist in the World Championships, 2008 Olympian, BJJ Brown Belt, Bellator Welterweight Champion and an undefeated MMA record…get the picture?

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