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  • USCS Military Spotlight: Sgt. Chris Gaither Discusses Secrets Behind his Determination in MMA

    Driven individuals always seem hell bent on completing a mission that holds great importance to them. Even through the difficult times, determination has become the key ingredient that keeps one moving forward to obtaining their desired goals. Sgt. Chris Gaither, USMC,is no stranger to dealing with obstacles that stand in his way toward prosperity. Faced with insurmountable challenges the craving hunger for success has allowed this fighter to ascend to high plateaus which make his venture into mixed martial arts another field he is bound to shine in.
  • Frank Edge: The Fight against Cancer

    Obstacles and hurdles are common challenges every practitioner has to encounterwhile involved in mixed martial arts. While some of these problems appear difficult to overcome, it is how an individual stands in the face of adversity that reveals their strength and character through those trials. Since the dark day of June 29, 2011 Frank Edge has been in a long constant battle against his diagnosed condition with Cancer. More bad has come than good during these trying times but through it all Edge has remained strong which has received a lot of attention and support in the fight community. USCS had the opportunity to speak with Edge as he openly touches on the highs and lows of his two-year b...
  • Petite and Precious, Krista Anzelone overcomes fears and odds. Thankful for Jiu-Jitsu

    Weighing less than 100-pounds and barely peaking over five-feet tall, Krista ‘Precious’ Anzelone, 45, is not your typical Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. While the sport she now loves may have garnered attention and fame after a smaller Royce Gracie proved that size does not matter in competition if you know how to manipulate your opponents joints and ligaments, Jiu-Jitsu was still mostly known as the art of the smaller man beating the larger man; there was no mention of petite women in the mix.
  • Patishnock: “Gracie’s Have a Beef with Me” Grudge Match Set for WSOF 5

    Following the biggest win of his career, Richard Patishnock (5-1) of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania’s Chamber MMA, recently signed on to a four-fight agreement with one of the hottest new fight organizations in mixed martial arts, the World Series of Fighting (WSOF). Patishnock did what many men could not; he made a member of the famed fighting Gracie family verbally submit when he defeated Igor Gracie at WSOF 2 in March. Gracie did not tap due to strikes or submission; however, he chose not to come out from his corner for the start of the second round.
  • Women's MMA: Moxy MMA Clothing Line Exploding In Milwaukee

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Author: Emma Lazarus This inscription on the Statue of Liberty greets immigrants at the golden door of America which creates an opportunity awaiting them. As the fastest growing professional sport, mixed martial arts, continues to emerge around the world, the industry has created opportunities for individuals other than athletes competing. Two young entrepreneurs, Kali Robbins and Jennifer D’Acquisto, turned their passion into a business opportunity with the creation of Moxy MMA.
  • Tim Kennedy on Roger Gracie: 'This is not a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu bout. This is an MMA Fight'

    Tim Kennedy (15-4) is finally making the long-awaited transition from Strikeforce into the Ultimate Fighting Championship and although the road that got him there has not been easy to travel, Kennedy is just fine with that.
  • Border Patrol Agent Tino Martinez Discusses Life Applications Gained from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

    From a strategic standpoint the best defense essentially leads to a great offense. This application applies directly to dealing with the various life challenges one has to face on adaily basis. Any situation BJJ Black Belt Tino Martinez encounters centers on always finding a solution to neutralizing the problem. In fact this tactic has served as a great aid leading him to the successful career paths he is living today. When covering the subject of looking to become a better individual Tino Martinez has always strived in doing just that. Since childhood troubling factors would play a major role in the struggles Martinez underwent growing up.
  • USCS Grappler Spotlight: The Jiu-jitsu Mentality of Brian Beaury

    Having a strong mentality centers on one's outlook on how to approach any situation in life. From building a technical game to setting goals, many BJJ practitioners have set their own way for becoming a better athlete and individual. Brian Beaury is amongst the many people ingrained with a successful mindset. Developing this mentality has led him to great feats in his journey as a grappler. A lot of attributes contributed to this individual's growth which Beaury was more than open to reveal to us at US Combat Sports.
  • What Does It Take To Be A Champion? Ask Andre Galvao.

    “To be the best, you have to beat the best,” is an often used—if not abused—term in the sporting world. Every athlete in every sport is told if you want to be the best you can be, then go out and dethrone someone who is better than you. And if you don’t, then you aren’t good.
  • Chip "The Surgeon" Pollard looks to give Roger Zapata a face lift at Reality Fighting

    On Saturday, June 8, Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard heads back into action against fellow banger Roger Zapata in the next installment of Reality Fighting at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn. This will be Pollard’s12th professional fight. His record currently sits at 7-4 overall. Pollard is both feared and respected by his fellow mixed martial artists due to his willingness to stand in the pocket and trade with anyone in the welterweight division.

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