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  • Creator of The Tommy Toe Hold Show talks Humble Beginnings to Internet Sensation

    In the ever growing mixed martial arts community there are tons of places for fans to find the latest and breaking news about the sport’s top athletes whether it’s their favorite MMA news site or simply scanning thru Twitter. However, few can rival what one man has done with a simple cartoon character, a comedic approach, and YouTube. For the past two years fans have tuned in to watch The Tommy Toe Hold Show in great numbers and after watching a few episodes, it’s easy to see why.

    Tommy is a loud mouthed, no holds barred character that has no problems making fun of anyone in the sport. Now Tommy may not be the best source for your MMA news but without a doubt he is one of the most entertaining and has become a staple in the sport for fighters and fans alike.  On the evening before his 100th episode posted to YouTube, Matt Homeyer of USCS had the opportunity to sit down with the creator and talk about how it all started and what the future has in store for The Tommy Toe Hold Show. ALRIGHT FIGHT FANS … LET’S DO THIS $@%#!!!!



  • XFO 50: Heather Hand Guns Bassett Set to Battle Fallen Fox

    On Friday, March 21, Unified Martial Arts fighter Heather Bassett (1-0) is scheduled to battle Midwest Training Center’s Fallen Fox (3-1) at XFO 50 in Chicago. The XFO event is the organizations historic 50th professional event. It contains all pro MMA bouts. XFO 50 is taking place in the windy city at the UIC Pavilion. Doors swing open at 5 P.M. CST and fists begin to fly an hour later.

    Bassett has been training nearly four years at Unified Martial Arts. UMA is located in remote Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. When Bassett arrived she was full of raw and zero experience in MMA. Under the guidance of Owner/Head trainer Mike Biddle, Heather “Hand Guns” Bassett has transformed into a talent fighter.

  • Bellator’s Tom DeBlass – “I Beat Rampage Everywhere”

    Renzo Gracie black belt, Tom DeBlass, is probably the nicest person on the planet next to your mother, but that does not mean he won’t put up a fight.

    Currently assigned to the Bellator 205-pound roster, DeBlass, a former middleweight with rival organization, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, believes he has what it takes to take down Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, former UFC light heavyweight champion who now also fights for the Bellator label.

  • USCS Fighter Spotlight: Bryan Nuro - The Art of Self-Expression

    With roots that date back to its worldwide launch at UFC 1, the grappling arts of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has been a primary form of combat for many fighters competing in mixed martial arts. Apart of this pack of submission specialist, the Northwest fight scene has received a taste of this method of dominance courtesy of FCFF lightweight champion Bryan Nuro. An ambitious fighter with unparalleled heart and self-drive his transition into MMA as a jiu-jitsu practitioner has offered many challenges for this rising prospect which has rewarded him with great success thus far in his amateur career.


  • UFC on FOX 10: Fight Club QA with Demetrious Johnson

    Check out the UFC Fight Club Q&A featuring UFC flyweight champ Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson,from the United Center.

  • MILITARY SPOTLIGHT: Joe Proctor, U.S. Army Captain and Owner of Combatives Gear

    Joe Proctor will look to improve his professional MMA record to 2 and 1 when he competes Feb. 16, against Yoshitaka Ebina at DEEP MMA in Japan.

    Proctor, a Captain in the U.S. Army is currently stationed in the Land of the Rising Sun, along with his wife, also a Soldier. Proctor won the U.S. Army Japan Combatives Middleweight tournament in 2012 and has competed in the All Army Combatives Tournament four times.

  • Rafael “Barata” Freitas Winning Big With Technique

    Few athletes leave an indelible mark on their sport.  Achieving records provides the surest route to sports immortality, but as the saying goes “…they were meant to be broken.”  Rare is the athlete who adds to the technical lexicon of his sport.  One local athlete, Brazilian transplant Rafael “Barata” Freitas has contributed to the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with his innovative submission techniques, the result of a decade of hard work. 

  • USCS Military Spotlight: Matthew Wilson - Reveals Incorporation of his Military Experience for Teaching Strength Conditioning in MMA

    With an individual’s enlistment in the military the venture offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities in professional and personal growth. Exposed to this unique culture, demands and expectations are extremely high as nothing is given forcing one to work hard at accomplishing their goals. Some of the military education learned can be transferable to a serviceman re-entry into the real world as their eyes become set on taking on new challenges that can remarkably affect oneself and other people they come in contact with. 

    Applying the valuable knowledge gained during his time in the service has assisted Matthew Wilson in his new found role assisting mixed martial art fighters with their careers as the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Ivan Salaverry’s MMA

  • USCS Fighter Spotlight -Turning Pro: Scott Ingram

    Transition and adapting to new changes is a key component to a fighter’s progression as a mixed martial artist. This same ideology can be applied when a combatant takes that huge leap of faith  from amateur to the professional divison. Always striving for nothing but the best since his introduction to the sport, Scott Ingram is making his newly presence known in the Colorado fight scene. Making his professional debut at RFA 11 with a successful victory over Dan Manius it is clear from viewing his talent revealed that night Ingram is already putting the  community on eyes watch of the rise of a future star in MMA.                    

    USCS recently received the opportunity to speak with Ingram as he touches on his amateur journey, pro debut win, and future aspirations in his continual journey in the pro division. 

  • Tonya Evinger - 'I'm the Nick Diaz of women's MMA'

    Yesterday, U.S. Combat Sports reporter Eric Kowal talked exclusively with one of the pioneers in women’s MMA, the brash and ever popular Tonya Evinger who will be fighting this Saturday, Dec. 7 on the Invicta Fighting Championships 7 pay-per-view.

    Evinger who holds no punches back let loose right from the get go.

    WARNING: Language may be harsh. If you might easily be offended do not continue.

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