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  • Sitting down with Ruthless Sam Thao

    On Oct. 12, one of Wisconsin’s best kept secrets will be making his way down to Florida to challenge the CFA Flyweight champion for his title. The challenger, while unknown to many, has been a lifelong martial artist and lover of combat sports. He is not much different from you or I except for the fact that he continues to live his dream as a competitive mixed martial artist. He is both a father and a husband and works full time to provide for his family while maintaining a rigorous training regimen that keeps him in fighting shape.

  • Women's MMA: Moxy MMA Clothing Line Exploding In Milwaukee

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    Author: Emma Lazarus

    This inscription on the Statue of Liberty greets immigrants at the golden door of America which creates an opportunity awaiting them. As the fastest growing professional sport, mixed martial arts, continues to emerge around the world, the industry has created opportunities for individuals other than athletes competing. Two young entrepreneurs, Kali Robbins and Jennifer D’Acquisto, turned their passion into a business opportunity with the creation of Moxy MMA.

  • Frank Schuman Moves to 170 to Take on Chad Roge at King of the Cage in Lac Du Flambeau;

    On April 13, 2013, the Lake of the Torches Casino will be hosting King of the Cage mixed martial arts promotion. King of the Cage “Lights Out” will display nine amateur bouts of the fight card which will take place before the four professional fights listed on the card. The Lake of the Torches Casino draws a crowd across the Midwest as everyone anticipates a night full of exciting match-ups.

    Frank Schuman, 19, hailing from Lac Du Flambeau, will get to display his skills in front of the home town audience. King of the Cage has Schuman battling with Chad Roge in a welterweight match-up. The bout will be the final amateur match of the evening before the professional bouts start.

  • USCS Amateur Spotlight: Larry Watson Brilliantly Fits the Roufusport Mold

    Wisconsin amateur fighter Larry Watson made a statement on November 3rd when he connected a fist to his opponent that resulted in a highlight reel knockout in his debut. The tone for a successful career was set early.

    Watson has an extensive background in amateur wrestling on the high school level as the Brookfield East wrestler finished second in the state at 171-pounds his senior year. He later joined the Roufusport team in Milwaukee shortly after graduating high school.

    Still just 19, the young fighter felt the urge for athletic competition after deciding not to wrestle in college; and the rapidly growing Roufusport gym just made sense. Catching word about the world-renowned trainer Duke Roufus, Watson joined the gym housing several UFC and Bellator fighters and began training.

  • Anthony Pettis: I'm the number one fighter in the lightweight division

    When Anthony Pettis steps into the cage against Donald Cerrone at UFC on Fox 6 it will have been nearly a year since his last appearance within the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And a lot has happened over that time.

    Benson Henderson has taken and defended the 155-pound strap against Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz has ascended to top contender status, and Pettis has found himself battling a rash of shoulder injuries. But according to "Showtime", the one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that he is still the best lightweight fighter in the world.

    "I'm the number one fighter in the lightweight division," Pettis told WIMMA Today reporter Paul Fladten. "I've beat the guy (Henderson) who's the best already. I've just had a tough break the last couple years and time to get back at it."

  • Sergio Pettis on RFA 4 Bout Against Jimmy Jones: 'It's my time to shine'

    A quick glance at this Friday's Resurrection Fighting Alliance 4 lineup reveals one of the more outstanding cards of 2012. Arguably measuring up to many of the year's Strikeforce events and outshining some Bellator cards, RFA looks to be well on its way towards breaking into the upper echelon of fight promotions.

    Featuring a roster full of Ultimate Fighting Championship veterans, including a main event that pits Efrain Escudero against Tyson Griffin, Greg Shea and company have proven their willingness to shell out the cash necessary to sign big name free agents. But it's the RFA's crop of young superstars that is most impressive.

    A host of prospective superstars such as Chidi Njokuani, Guilherme Trindade, and Steven Mocco line Friday's show, but in terms of all-around talent one is hard-pressed to find a stronger matchup than Sergio Pettis versus Jimmy Jones.

  • Heather Bassett Video Blog: Fight Week, Cutting Weight, and Becoming Mentally Prepared

    The next step in Heather Bassett's fighting career is just days away as "Hand Guns" prepares to compete in Michigan on the Upper Peninsula Cagefighting card.

    Join the Unified Martial Arts amateur fighter as she discusses her undefeated opponent, moving up two weight classes just to compete on Saturday, how being diabetic affects cutting weight, and much more. Enjoy.

  • Mike 'Biggie' Rhodes Looks to Showcase Striking Ability Against Matt Gauthier at Rogue Warrior Championships

    Confidence can push athletes to the very top of their respected sports or can spoil the best of talents. In the case of Roufusport fighter Mike "Biggie" Rhodes, as his confidence peaks so do his performances within the cage.

    Thursday in Green Bay at the "Rouge Warriors Championship" Rhodes will put his undefeated record on the line against a fellow undefeated fighter Matt Gauthier (4-0). On paper, this fight will be the biggest of "Biggie's" short amateur career. In reality, Rhodes keeps his cool and is treating this fight just like any of his others.

    "I don't think this is a big test for me. I believe I'm the better fighter and I will prove it." Rhodes told USCS Reporter Jake Larsen. "This is just a chance for me to make a statement to everyone in the state and put them on notice: That Roufusport has the best fighters and I'm up next, it's my time to shine."

  • Heather Bassett Video Blog: Get To Know More About 'Hand Guns' and Her Introduction to Fighting

    Last week fans were introduced to the very first video blog for Unified Martial Arts prospect Heather "Hand Guns" Bassett – the blossoming female mixed martial artist still just in the rookie stages of her career.

    Now, thanks to some great work by Eric Chang, we get the second installment of the blog in which Bassett describes her introduction to the sport, what went through her mind during her first fight, and her thoughts on the recent all-female Invicta 2 event. Enjoy.

  • Heather Bassett Video Blog: Meet Wisconsin's Top Amateur Female Prospect in Hand Guns

    Over the past year Heather Bassett has emerged as one of the brightest amateur prospects within Wisconsin. Showcasing an exciting fighting style that has earned her a multitude of "Fight of the Night" honors and the nickname "Hand Guns", Bassett has proven to be a draw despite the fact he career is still in its infancy.

    Now, as Bassett prepares for a hopeful battle northward on September 15, the Unified Martial Arts prospect joins US Combat Sports for the first edition of her weekly video blog in hopes of giving fans and promoters an inside look into what drives her to compete.

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