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  • Jackson's Gym Announces Their Newly Formed Assoociation

    Lineages play a vital role in all Martial Arts. The style and technique of the founders flow down over generations through affiliate academies. Many successful schools have established dozens of affiliates around the world making them a connected family through association. Jackson's Gym GM Ricky Kottenstette recently announced the following unique opportunity:

    Renowned Mixed Martial Arts Coach Greg Jackson is extending an invitation to join the Jackson’s MMA Association and be part of the world’s premiere MMA team.

  • Dolce-Approved Honey Ginger Chicken Wings for the Big Game

    This Sunday more Americans will consume chicken wings than on any other day of the year.

    According to the National Chicken Council’s 2014 Wing Report, 1.25 billion wings will be devoured during Super Bowl XLVIII, as fans watch the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos battle for the Lombardi Trophy, matching the record level of 2012. That is about 20 million more wings than were consumed last year during Super Bowl XLVII.

  • Albuquerque Visited by the Legend Royce Gracie, Offered Great Seminar!

    Mixed Martial Arts has enjoyed a meteoric rise for two decades. Many factors and individuals have influenced its success but one seminal moment is credited by many as its launching point. It was 1993, UFC 1: The Beginning. There the Martial Arts world at large saw Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for the first time.

    The star of UFC 1 was Royce Gracie, a young lanky Brazilian who looked more like a swimmer than a fighter. Most of the fighters of that era were monstrous pro-wrestler types who typically held several inches and fifty pound advantages over Gracie. To this day people still recount the sense of awe they felt as “this skinny Brazilian” took on huge, menacing opponents, dragged them down on top of him, and then choked them out like an anaconda.


  • The Twister, Eddie Bravo Offers Seminar April 6th at Undisputed Fitness

    Eddie Bravo defies description; a rock guitar playing jiu-jitsu savant, Bravo catapulted to fame in 2003 by beating some of the world’s best grapplers. At the ’03 Abu Dhabi’s he defeated Royler Gracie by triangle choke while he was still just a brown belt.

    Bravo earned his black belt under Jean Jacques Machado and now holds the rank of second degree black, but it’s his unique no-gi style that has earned him a reputation as an innovator and master clinician. Bravo’s techniques – “10th Planet Style” – are taught and emulated worldwide, and are admired for being imaginative and effective.


  • Albuquerque’s Gracie Academy to Host Seminar with MMA, BJJ Pioneer Royce Gracie

    Few sports legends can be credited for popularizing their sport as much as MMA/BJJ pioneer Royce Gracie. A member of the prolific Brazilian family who modernized Jiu-Jitsu and delivered it to the world, Gracie achieved iconic status by winning the first two Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) in 1993. He did so while conceding fifty or more pounds to each of his opponents. To this day people still recount the sense of awe they felt as “this skinny Brazilian” took on huge, menacing opponents, dragged them down on top of him, and then choked them out like an anaconda.

  • Albuquerque Crossfit Athletes Compete for a Good Cause

    On Saturday, August 18, Albuquerque Crossfit athletes gathered at the Balloon Fiesta Park to blast through their WODs (Workout Of the Day). They also answered the call to a higher purpose, using the event to raise money and awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). ABQ Crossfit organizes the annual event; one of their own’s life was deeply touched by SMA.

  • Warriors Training Center Grand Opening and Northern NM MMA Seminar Delight Attendees (PHOTOS)

    The Pueblo of Pojoaque, just north of Santa Fe, can now count Warriors Training Center among its community businesses. To kick off the Grand Opening, trainers and WTC founders Angelo Sanchez and Robert Romero held their second Northern NM Martial Arts Seminar.

    Sanchez is perhaps best known among fight fans as a long time competitor and belt holder in the King of the Cage promotion. Romero has spent more time in the cage then most as one of New Mexico’s top MMA referees, and is a BJJ Brown Belt.

    The Warriors Training Center is located at 16 Viarrial just off Highway 285 between Santa Fe and Espanola. The gym, which is a sister school of the Santa Fe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, is amply equipped with mats, a boxing ring, and MMA cage.

  • Jake Shields Discusses Vegetarian Lifestyle and Moving Back to UFC Middleweight Division

    As Jake Shields continues his move back to middleweight strength training remains a very important part of his rigorous workouts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship contender talked to Dylan Falduto about how an active vegetarian lifestyle has allowed him to successfully compete in multiple divisions.

    "Everything is going really good. I'm in the early fight prep. Just doing a lot of fundamental striking and wrestling. Lifting a lot of weights. I am trying to bulk up, because I am moving up a weight class."

    Along with strength and conditioning, Shields finds himself eating much more liberally as he prepares for his return as a middleweight. "I work out so much so I have to make sure I eat a lot. I try to eat about six meals a day. I take a couple protein shakes. I use Sun Warrior protein. I drink one shake in the morning and one at night, and just try to eat as much as possible."

  • Maximum Athletic Sport Suit is Designed to Increase Your Striking Ability Through Resistance Bands

    Anytime that the most skilled person in any profession uses a product to enhance their ability, it's safe to say that the product is legit. Such is the case for pound-for-pound champ Anderson Silva and his usage of a full body suit with controllable resistance bands to help aid in his professional mixed martial arts training.

    The Maximum Athletic Sport Suit, otherwise known as MASS, provides the user with extreme resistance training while providing a full range of motion.

    The suit was originally designed by Jesse Nicassio in order to "give people the edge they have been looking for". The design certainly seems to be working.

  • Jackson’s Gym Opens Eastside Location; Adds Gi Jiu-Jitsu to Curriculum

    Greg Jackson has perfected his Martial Arts curriculum over the past two decades. His methods can be seen in the success of dozens of elite fighters such as Jon Jones, Diego Sanchez and George St. Pierre just to name but a few. 

    Now, anyone looking to learn Martial Arts for recreation, fitness or competition can train at Jackson’s new state-of-the-art gym at 2801 Eubank NE Suite P and earn belt rankings like other traditional martial arts.

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