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  • Ron's Blog: Just As Cool As Kirk

    My name is RON FAIRCLOTH and I am way more AWESOME than you. Honestly, I make you look like a nerd. Im sorry, but its true. If we were all in Star Trek you know Id be Kirk. Youd be that extra guy in the red shirt. I get all the ladies and then you die at the end of the show. OOOOHHH, youre from engineering? Who cares, nobody knows your name and you dont have a blog. Kirk does. Add it up friend; Im cool like the back side of the pillow! Also I have to add that Demian works in injuneering. Right down the hall from the red shirt guys.
  • Ron's Blog: Training at MN MMA

    My name is Ron Faircloth and I am in trouble. My problems are domestic in nature and I think I need some help. Let me spin you a tale and then maybe my good friends from the inter-webs can assist.
  • Ron's Blog: Generations

    My name is Ron Faircloth and I am a grub. Before you say No way Ron, you are as metro-sexual as they come. You invented the atom! let me explain. I wash my entire body with the same bar of soap. No shampoo and no fancy lotion. If I tuck in my shirt I feel over dressed. If my feet crack from too much mat time I use Vaseline to fix them. When asked how to deal with infection I say cut it deep and fill it with baking soda paste. Im so white trash it hurts. My nickname is The Blunt Instrument because after nine years of fighting I still prefer to pound people. Im a savage in a civilized world. Im sure one day Ill go the way of the dinosaur and the caveman.
  • Ron's Blog: "I created the atom. Prove me wrong."

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am swell. People like me. I can read, write and do basic arithmetic. I dont spell very well but my computer seems to have my six on that, so it doesnt matter. My grammar and punctuation arent bad and Gabe seems to fix most of that. What Im getting at is for all practical purposes, I AM PERFECT. For all you people know I may be the smartest person on the planet. I created the atom. Prove me wrong. Since you cant you should report it as fact. That really cool Ron Faircloth fella created the atom....I want to be addressed as the man who created the atom from now on. Like, Hey, arent you Ron Faircloth, creator of the atom? I will say Well as a matter of fact I am he. The...
  • Ron's Blog: Fighter Without A Fight

    I am Ron Faircloth and I have changed my mind. I am the center of the known universe. If the world was an Oreo, I would be that awesome stuff in the middle and you would all be the other side of the cookie that everyone takes off and doesnt eat. Then it lies around and gets soft and gross. Thats you guys.....I am the light in the darkness, the snow atop the mountain of life. Even my faults are pretty fackin cool. You will try to hate me but, you will fail.
  • Ron's Blog: United We Stand

    My name is Ron Faircloth and I am AWE..S..o..m......Wait scratch that. My name is Ron Faircloth and I am just like you. We are the same. We need to realize that our power will come from realizing that we are all the same.
  • Ron's Blog: First In Line For The Fallout Shelter

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am AWESOME! I use the word rad like its going out of style. I have very high value as a person. Lets say an asteroid is going to destroy the earth and they are putting people in a cave to repopulate the planet. You know Im in way before you. There will be doctors, artists, scientists, and me. I raise the cool factor way up.
  • Ron's Blog: Canadian Conqueror

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am victorious! I went to Canada and fought a fella from Oklahoma and came home a winner. I am all that is AWESOME and MANLY! My mother says Im a catch. Im not sure its true but I will write it anyway.
  • Ron's Blog: Sesquiterpenes

    My name is Ronny J. Faircloth. I wish I could say Jr. or The III, but I can't. I have decided, in a landmark decision, to start using large words in the wrong way. Here is an example...My sesquiterpenes* hurts and I think I might die! Now pay close attention to this next part for a deep look into the genius of Ron Faircloth. Not only did I use the word wrong, the cool part is we all know I can't die. Double whammy for the Blunt one.
  • Ron's Blog: "Where others flee, we fight."

    My name is Ron Faircloth and I am upset. Deep to the core of me I have anger. Nobody told me that when my week supply of free Extenze was gone I was going to look like I took the polar plunge again. Another American dream down the toilet.

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