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  • Ron's Blog: Catching a Leprechaun While Riding a Unicorn

    I tell you all being as cool as I am isn't easy. It takes preparation and precise timing. It's kinda like catching a leprechaun while riding a unicorn. It's real hard but well worth it. Gold and all the Unicorn horn you can eat. It's a win win situation.

  • Ron's Blog: Return of the Mack

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am awesome. I know a lot of people think my life consists of only three things. One: political activism. Two: charity work. And lastly, riding across grass covered plains on my unicorn steed while pulling a wagon full of beautiful women and pop stars.

  • Ron's Blog: Radio Show Boost

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am AWESOME AGAIN. I have many clever things to say, none of which I will use on my blog. Currently, I am the coolest person that I can think of. Seriously, I realize most of you look at me and you're like, "I can't even think about being that cool." For some of you this may be true, for others maybe not. My pictures are all airbrushed. I never shave and I look like a professional video gamer.


  • Ron's Blog: DJ Faircloth

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am what the natives call "Swaneeteedom." Translation....Freakin' AWESOME!


  • Ron's Blog: Sound the Trumpets

    I am Ron Faircloth fresh back from fighting my way out of a black hole. It was tough, but I pulled it off. No joke here, people have been calling me asking me to write another blog. It's almost like I have fans. I've had some time off and now I have alot of thing to say. I have some big news that I can't tell until next week. I'm like a kid at Christmas; I wanna tell everyone.


  • Ron's Blog: Interview with a Fighter

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am changing direction. Instead of writing about me, I'm going to do an interview with a fighter. Here is the catch: I told this fighter that a local TV station wanted to interview him. He then drove 40 minutes in a snowstorm to be interviewed by me. This interview is on Demian Decorah, local fighter, training partner, and friend of mine. Here it is in all its glory!

  • Ron's Blog: Popular Demand

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am back by popular demand. The words will now flow loosely from my fingers to your eyes. Gabe e-mailed me and helped me out of a jam I was in. Turns out he prince of Nigeria isn't really in exile and needing a bank account to deposit his funds. Gabe informs me that is what is called, in some places, a scam. Not to be confused with scat which, I'm told, is poop eating.

  • Ron's Blog: Vacation

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am humbled. I lose another. In light of this I have made the decision to take some time off and try to get my head on straight. It's a tough game to play if your heart isn't fully in it. I have vacation coming up and I will be gone most of January until the first week of February. I'm gonna take this time to see if I truly want to play this game anymore.

    It has been nearly ten years now and I'm losing my edge. I have never had much time off so I am hoping this will fix it. I'm hold just about a 75% win ratio over 54 fights and that's not bad. I don't want to be the guy who ends with ten loses in a row.

    I'm not sure I'm going to retire but if I do it has been a great ride. I have gone from paying to fight in tournaments all the way to fighting on pay per view. I have fought three of the biggest people I have ever seen and never backed up. Sometimes I feel I have run out of things to prove. I proved to myself I am not afraid of anyone, and I can give most people all they can handle. I have met some great people, gone to some cool places, and made some excellent friends. I got to go to Brazil, Europe, Canada (a bunch), Florida (even more), California, and a bunch of places that don't sound nearly as cool. I still have a gym and a bunch of kids that want to be there. Maybe it's just their turn. I have been on the frontlines for a long time.

    Since I will not be fighting for a minute I don't imagine they still need my blog, so this will be the last of it for a while. Not like I talked much about fighting anyway. Thanks to Gabe for letting me do it, I had fun. If I pick up again and Gabe allows, I will write again. Thanks for all your support.

    Ron Faircloth

  • Ron's Blog: Focused

    You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you’re dealing with an expert in gorilla warfare. A man who's the best with gun, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore live off the land.....To eat things that would make a mountain goat puke. A man who has a top shelf blog on Wisconsin Combat Sports and his own t-shirt. This same man finds joy in other people’s pain, their misery and underwear drawers.

  • Ron's Blog: Can't Prove Him Wrong

    I am Ron Faircloth and once again I am all that is AWESOME. I have knowledge that most people can't fathom. For instance, did you know that if you freeze urine it tastes exactly like strawberries? Prove me wrong....Also I saw a report that says cell phones will give you brain cancer. These people must have not read the report that says Ron Faircloth can't die.....

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