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  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 10


    I was sitting at the island when Jesse, Cale and I were making fun of Jeremy May and Jeremy walked around the corner while JT was making fun of him.  It was a funny situation as Cale and I started dying from laughter. Jesse didn’t back down and kept talking shit to him about being a punk from a few feet away.  Jeremy just sat there until JT was done and walked away.  It was solid entertainment and we must have laughed for a good hour over it. 

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 9


    JT Money and Dante stylistically were not to be an exciting match by any means.  When a solid wrestler gets pinned against a jiu jitsu specialist you know it may not be that exciting.  However, with the strong grapplers pinned against one another, the victor had a great chance to go far into the competition if he was to play his cards right.  Dante looked to stand and trade but JT did what he does best: He took his opponent down and pounded the hell out of him.

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 8 - Fight Day

    The show started off with me expressing my doubts in my abilities.  For people that don’t know me this is my usual routine before a fight. It has been for 3 years, ask Mark Plavcan, who usually pulls me aside and gets my head out of my ass.  I could be fighting a member in the camera crew and start to feel like I’m weak before hand. When I train I usually spar hands at like 60% and roll BJJ at 80%.  Why do I do this?  The answer is so I can see how everyone else moves and reacts to my attempts, punches, kicks, and counters.  I take mental notes on how they reacted and what else can be thrown into my game to work better.  I’m not there to win at practice; I don’t have a pride issue at any gym.  By practicing like we were on the show you are thrown into the environment with guys like Matt Brown who usually go 100%.

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 7

    By the time fight selection rolled around we knew Gerald Harris was their team selection to fight.  We knew this because Gerald wasn’t running sprints with his team but rather resting his legs up for his fight; he would need them.  Being on the chopping block for selection was a weird feeling.  I’m glad we had control most of the first round.  You can train harder while the team without control has to baby training the whole time so they are not beat up.  Being in control means you can time your weight cut right because you know your actual fight date.  Not knowing when you’re fighting results in checking your weight everyday and being within a reasonable cut

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 6


    Quick lets get ready for the Tour De France! Wait isn’t this supposed to be TUF 7? This prestigious cycling event is what Jeremy May started training for just 3 practices into filming after he decided he didn’t belong in the same octagon with any of the 15 other fighters.  Faking a knee injury? Please, Jeremy May is faking his career as a “professional fighter”.  What in the world is someone thinking when they have a 6 figure contract to win? Take off and ride the bike? The last thing I remember hearing 16 athletes say before they left the UFC training center the first day was make the most of this opportunity. Needless to say Jeremy May didn’t do that, he practiced 3 times!  Wow, 3 times out of roughly 75 practices.  I feel bad for people that actually got sent home that would have taken this opportunity seriously.

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 5

    After finally catching the episode Thursday night on the re-air my consensus still stands! Jeremy May is a douche bag!  If I remember correctly there is not one person in the house that he didn’t rub the wrong way.  Not to mention his comment about not having sex for weeks and breaking his girlfriends back when he gets home! How do you think his girlfriend feels right now? She must feel proud to be dating such a respectable gentleman!  With MMA battling black eyes and drama from nay sayers I’m glad we have Mr. May as the icon to represent all fighters and the sport.  Onto my comments about Jeremy’s nick name “The BAMF”, which stands for Bad As* Mother F*cker. 

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 4

    Episode 4 started out by showing some house drama between Riddle and Dante.  With Dante being the elder veteran and Riddle being the young gun it was only a matter of time before the two would get on each other’s nerves.  Riddle is the type of guy that talks about himself or jokes around with others all the time.  Dante has seen it all and been through a lot; he is more reserved and only speaks when he has something important to say.  After a few days it was determined to happen, Riddle made some comments about Dante and fireworks began.  As you can imagine a few days with no entertainment in the house you will think anything is entertaining.  Usually when the two were making fun of each other there would be a group of us sitting around laughing at it or instigating drama. Dante and Riddle are complete opposites and even though the episode made it look like the two did not like one another, they got a long pretty well.  As you will see as the season unfolds everyone has their similarities and differences but gets along very well.  There is however one person nobody can stand and it will soon turn into 15 vs. 1.

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episodes 2 3

    I’m the type of guy that doesn’t watch too much MMA on television or even go to live events in the area in fear I will get burnt out on it.  So being locked in the UFC training center after my fight and having to sit through 5 hours of fights got on my nerves a little.  I did feel obligated to watch them though as I knew I would be fighting one of the victors in the days to come. 

  • TUF Blog with Nick Klein: Episode 1

    In early January I got the call that I had been hoping for from producers and that was to cancel my vacation to Jamaica.  After all I wouldn’t want to be drinking and slouching off for a week with the biggest opportunity of my life right around the corner.  I was ecstatic; I immediately called the travel agency and canceled my trip.  It felt good knowing I was one of the top 16 guys in the house and I could show everyone what I’ve been working so hard for.  Immediately after the phone call I walked into my employers office and told my supervisor I had a golden opportunity with my fight career and I needed to put in my two weeks notice.  What a great feeling! Five years of hard work sacrificing friends and family training everyday and I finally earned my spot to fight full time and worry about nothing else.

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