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  • Ron's Blog: Catching a Leprechaun While Riding a Unicorn

    I tell you all being as cool as I am isn't easy. It takes preparation and precise timing. It's kinda like catching a leprechaun while riding a unicorn. It's real hard but well worth it. Gold and all the Unicorn horn you can eat. It's a win win situation.

  • Ron's Blog: Return of the Mack

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am awesome. I know a lot of people think my life consists of only three things. One: political activism. Two: charity work. And lastly, riding across grass covered plains on my unicorn steed while pulling a wagon full of beautiful women and pop stars.

  • Ron's Blog: Radio Show Boost

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am AWESOME AGAIN. I have many clever things to say, none of which I will use on my blog. Currently, I am the coolest person that I can think of. Seriously, I realize most of you look at me and you're like, "I can't even think about being that cool." For some of you this may be true, for others maybe not. My pictures are all airbrushed. I never shave and I look like a professional video gamer.


  • Ron's Blog: DJ Faircloth

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am what the natives call "Swaneeteedom." Translation....Freakin' AWESOME!


  • Ron's Blog: Sound the Trumpets

    I am Ron Faircloth fresh back from fighting my way out of a black hole. It was tough, but I pulled it off. No joke here, people have been calling me asking me to write another blog. It's almost like I have fans. I've had some time off and now I have alot of thing to say. I have some big news that I can't tell until next week. I'm like a kid at Christmas; I wanna tell everyone.


  • Jameel's Blog: The Last One

    Before I get started with this last blog, I hear Dave Strasser'.s Freestyle Academy wasn't even nominated for fight team of the year by Wisconsin Combat Sports. Come on guys, lets use some common sense here. We're one of the few gyms that produce international fighters and WEC/UFC fighters in Wisconsin, and not even a nomination? Oh well.


  • Jameel's Blog, Double Dose: Pre-fight/Post Fight

    Obviously fighting entails a lot of stress, at least for some people. People like me. Those tough people who don`t think twice about getting punched in the face and risking their health can go jump off a cliff. That`s just not me. Honestly, my string of wins on short notice fights might be because I don`t have the time to freak out. However, after 23 fights in four years, experience has taught me how to use this nervous energy to my every advantage and that it's not something bad, it's actually something to make you stronger.

  • Jameel's Blog: Compound

    Oh, Japan, you love and you hate me. You give and you take away. Or, as U2 would say, "I can`t live with or without you." These last two weeks out here have taken me to the heavens and brought me back down to the depths. At this point, my mind has experienced so many highs and lows out here that my mind has no clue what to think. In any case, this blog is way late because I was initially lazy, and then I got very sick, postponing it even more. The story of these last two weeks is basically I trained a lot and then bad things happened.

  • Ron's Blog: Interview with a Fighter

    I am Ron Faircloth and I am changing direction. Instead of writing about me, I'm going to do an interview with a fighter. Here is the catch: I told this fighter that a local TV station wanted to interview him. He then drove 40 minutes in a snowstorm to be interviewed by me. This interview is on Demian Decorah, local fighter, training partner, and friend of mine. Here it is in all its glory!

  • Jameel's Blog: New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone from Japan! So picture this: my life is like Super Mario Bros., the original one. I could go through life and my MMA could improve one level at a time. But instead, I went to Japan for some private training, got the secret to the warp zone, and warped to the last level of the game. That's what's happened to my MMA level.

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