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Favorite Supplement You've Take?

#15712 2 years, 8 months ago
Good Day To All.

Let's start a great and new conversation here in US Combat Sports.

I've assume that most of us here were already take a particular supplement.

just wondering: What's Your Favorite Supplement You've Take Before/Now that really helps you a lot for a better life?

On my case, since I'm a workaholic person. Always Feel Tired and Depressed. I could say for now, My favorite Supplement I've ever take as of this moment is the Stress Protect. It's a powerful natural stress-relief supplement that brings me more relaxation, good moods and reduce feelings of depression.

How About You?
Please shared it ... might be helpful for others.
Steve Jorgensen
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Check out www.sjnutrition.net!!!

Re: Favorite Supplement You've Take?

#15714 2 years, 8 months ago
I've taken a few in my day...

Here are my favorites

Preworkout: Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump Max
Protein: ON Hydrobuilder
Creatine: Ultimate Iceman Creatine
Sleep Aid: ON Melatonin
Fish and Flaxseed Oils by optimum nutrition
Sports Drink: Herbalife H3O
Meal Replacement: Herbalife Formula 1
Fat Burner: BPI Roxylean (only tried twice though)
Nitric Oxide: Blackpowder
Casien: Cytosport Complete Casien

SJ Nutrition does reviews on our youtube page.


We are also always open to answer any questions that someone might have.
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