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Wrestling Singlets Review

Stepping on those mats, no wrestler wants to tug and adjust his singlet nor does he want his focus distracted by a snag in his singlet. The Adidas singlet with its signature three stripes on the side is our favorite amongst the many available in the market today. Made of lycra, the feel and the stretch is so good that you would love to stay in them longer.

The fit and the comfort level is a class apart and hence it is the best on our list. Apart from we have other choices too, for your consideration.


Here is a small comparison table of all the four singlet we are about to review in this article. This table is just a snap shot of the products, to give you an idea at first glance. They are compared over various parameters like the materials used, the fit, comfort level, etc. these parameters are what influences one’s decision to buy a garment like the singlet.

Adidas Stock SingletLycraFull cut with wide side panelFlat lock stitching eliminates chaffing
Asics Men’s Solid Modified SingletNylon 80%/ Lycra 20%FLA cutFlat lock stitching eliminates chaffing
Brute Men’s Lycra® High Cut Wrestling SingletToughtex Lycra® – 88% nylon and 12% Lycra® spandexHigh cutVery stretchy and fits very well
Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling SingletToughTex LycraHigh cutEliminates sweat and keeps the wearer cool

Products We Have Reviewed

A singlet is an important and the only piece of garment worn by a wrestler in a match. They are generally made of stretchy fabric that can stretch and move along with the body, without ripping. After trying on a number of singlet and watching users perform on the mats, we have finalized on these four for our review:

  • Adidas Stock Singlet
  • Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet
  • Brute Men’s Lycra® High Cut Wrestling Singlet
  • Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling Singlet

1.Editor’s Choice: Adidas Stock Singlet

Adidas Stock Singlet Review

The classic three stripes that you can find on any Adidas garment is the only design on this otherwise black singlet. The material used is very good quality and fits so well that it moves along with the body without restricting any movement.

It is the stretch and lightness which really impressed us and our wrestlers. For a place where the temperature is going to be soaring, this breathable material helps in maintaining the comfort level of the wearer.


  • Made of Lycra
  • Seamless flat stitching
  • Well Fitting
  • Adidas three stripes on the side

Some Questions Answered

What is the length of the singlet?
-It is quad length

How does it fit
It is stretchable and fits well. It can be snug around the thighs for some people. In such a case they might have to go in for the next size. However, it doesn’t hug the body and feel like a second skin.

How To Choose The Right Singlet For You

When in wrestling, a singlet is the professional outfit to be worn. These come in various sizes and fits, thus making it difficult for a beginner to choose the right fit for them. Here are a few pointers to help you pick the right one.


The most important factor to consider here is the fit. Some may like it snug and others may want some more room between the fabric and their body as they are not too comfortable with a tight fitting outfit. But in a singlet, the tight fit is what is recommended. Ideally there must be no extra fabric that can bunch up or hang loose around your body. This is because even a little bunched up fabric can be grabbed easily by your opponent. When your opponent can grab something to get a better hold on you, you are giving them an advantage.


There are different fabrics for one to choose from. A singlet must be stretchy and comfortable. It must have enough elasticity to come back to its original shape when not stretched over a body. Hence it is advisable to go in for a combination of nylon and elastic. 80% nylon for long lasting material and 20% elastic for a good stretch.


There are three major cuts when it comes to singlets:

  • Full Cut – This looks like a tank top and a boxer brief attached
  • FILA cut – Very similar to the full cut but the arm opening is larger and tends to open up half way down the sides
  • Low Cut – these have openings on the front, back and the sides. It will look like boxer brief attached to suspenders


Finally the most important part of the fit is the size. If your t-shirt size is a medium, you must go in for a medium singlet. Do not go in for a bigger size because it looks too small. Singlets these days are made if high quality fabric which can stretch well.

A Detailed Review of Other Products On The List

Since a comparison table is enough, here is a detailed review of each of those products:

2. Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet

Asics Men’s Solid Modified Singlet Review

When you wear a snug outfit and do an activity that involves a lot of tugging and sweating, the most common problem is chaffing. This particular singlet from Asics is our number one product on the list because it has a flat lock seam. This eliminates the chaffing all together and offers better comfort for the user.


  • Material combination – Nylon 80% and Lycra 20%
  • Dimensions – 8.4 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Flatlock stitching to eliminate chaffing
  • Leg opening have gripper for better fit

Some Questions Answered

  • How long are the legs?

The style is quad length and it will reach till mid thighs. If you wear a knee sleeve, both will come into contact, thus leaving no skin exposed above the knees.

  • Can it be used for other sports?

A singlet is commonly worn even for weight lifting. This particular product can also be used for weight lifting as the material combination facilitates a good stretch, which is very important when you are lifting those heavy weights above your head. No weight lifter wants his efforts to be wasted due to an outfit that won’t stretch along with his body.

Should you wear another outfit inside?

The cut is low and for those who don’t want to expose too much skin around the chest area, an extra t-shirt on the inside will suffice.

3. Brute Men’s Lycra® High Cut Wrestling Singlet

Brute Men's Lycra® High Cut Wrestling Singlet Review

For those who are hairy in the chest area or don’t like to expose a lot of skin, this high cut can be the right choice. This is why we have it in the second spot on our list as we learned many men prefer a better coverage for their chest and don’t want to shave off the chest hair to avoid getting tugged.


  • Material Combination – Toughtex Lycra®: 88% nylon, 12% Lycra® spandex
  • Style – High cut
  • Quad length
  • Gripper around the leg openings for a better fit
  • Dimensions – 9 x 9 x 1 inches

Some Questions Answered

  • Is spandex a better choice for such singlets?

Spandex is very stretchable and light. This combination offers the singlet a good stretch without weighing much. Thus the wearer will not feel anything and can move around freely.

  • Does it fit and stretch well?

The Lycra nylon and spandex combination allows the singlet to move along with you. It will ape your body movement and you won’t feel any pull or snag. The gripper at the leg openings offer a better fit and can stretch to fit the size of the wearer.

4. Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling Singlet

Brute Maverick Adult Wrestling Singlet Review

With a dual color combination, this singlet can help you make a style statement when you step on those mats. With a high cut, the back is raised high and does not expose much skin. For those who are not comfortable with exposing too much skin and prefer to wear another outfit on the inside, this eliminates the use for that. When the layers are lesser, you won’t feel too hot during a fight and comfort level is extremely important in a fight.


  • Made of ToughTex Lycra
  • Elastic gripper around leg opening for better fit
  • Equipped with Evaptech fabric that eliminates moisture

Some Questions Answered

  • Does it fit well?

Yes, the fit is snug and hugs the body in the right places, making it comfortable for the wearer

  • What is Evaptech fabric

It is a fabric specifically designed to absorb and eliminate the sweat from the body. When the wrestler is drier, they are more relaxed and cooler. Helps them focus better.

  • Is ToughTex Lycra good?

Yes, this material is thicker than the regular lycra material but combined with the Evaptech technology, it does not cause the wearer to sweat or feel hot.

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