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Things to Consider When Purchasing Training Gear

Throughout the years we have seen countless manufactures come and go. Some of them product low quality products and pump millions into advertising and marketing, at the end of the day they usually die.  Martial arts equipment is much different from your regular gym shirt that you only wear once or twice a month. It needs to be built strong and last.

Good training gear needs to constructed using the best quality components and stitched in a way that allows for flexibility, breathability and performance. As the demand for training gear has increased over the years so has the quality of garments. Now, most high quality materials are made with odor protection, easy to dry polyester blends and reinforced seams for an even higher level of protection.

How We Review – 20+ Years of Experience

I’m Gary Stevens and I’m the guy who runs this site.  Although I have an American last name I’m actually from Russia. Since the age of 3 I’ve been training combat Sambo and wrestling, when I was ten my father moved to America for work and I continued my training in multiple states.  At the age of twenty I had become state wrestling champion and was an NCAA athlete wrestling at Iowa State.  However wrestling wasn’t my only interest, I still competed regularly in Sambo and Muay Thai taking home several titles too.

It was during the final match for the US Sambo Championships that I suffered a serious injury – a total tear of my right knee. After several months of debilitating pain, 2 surgeries and months of rehab I was back on the mats – but this time for the kids.  Since that time I have coached kids training programs and build a small business helping US companies source Asian made materials for their products and martial arts production facilities.

I created this blog as a way to share 20+ years of martial arts experience and knowledge with the world wide community. My overall goal of this site is to teach people one simple rule, “always purchase the best quality gear“.  While some might think it’s more expensive, this is not true. Good gear lasts longer and provides more lifetime value than some silly Walmart 9.99 equivalent.

I hope you enjoy my blog and please comment on my posts. I apologize if some of my content seems silly as English is my second language.

Gary Stevens.