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Chris 'Kano' Gregoire taking MMA seriously, but not too seriously

Dominic Velando
20 January 2011
Chris Gregoire - Texas MMA Fighter

If you follow fighting, you start to realize that the quiet ones are often the most dangerous. The ones who are too busy training to have an ego or have slick talk prepared for any opportunity in front of a camera or microphone.

San Antonio's Chris "Kano" Gregoire (7-2) not only speaks calmly (or at least, he did in his interview with, but seems to avoid hyping himself up or declaring his superiority over anyone else. His fatality-executing counterpart for whom he assumes he's nicknamed after far better matches his fighting style than his intonations.

The physically intimidating "Kano" rapidly breaks down opponents with punches straight from Fedor's or Kamal Shalorus' arsenal and then finishes them with purple-belt level jiu jitsu [due to his indifference toward grappling, "Kano" claims that he has turned down offers to rank him]. It surely makes for a terrifying experience for his victims.

"Kano" gets to the heart of the matter (pun, of course, intended), from his full-body-weight-swinging punches to his response to XKO offering up Clay Hantz (4-3) as Gregoire's main event dance partner in the upcoming de facto four-man tournament to determine XKO's first welterweight champ: "Alright, cool," Gregoire replied. "Sure thing." 

It's an interesting response from one who admits that he's "kind of OCD" about fighting and fitness in general. "I gotta latch onto something in life," Gregoire admitted. "And I love competition. Just kind of gives me something to wake up [for]."

Gregoire loves competition so much that he would rather have fought 15 times in 2010 instead of three. Yet, there's no rush. Sure, "Kano" has pursued some big fights that didn't come through for reasons beyond his control, but he humbly and readily admits his own limitations and wants to be ready for the "deep waters." 

And there's no pressure, despite Gregoire's desire to go as far as fighting will take him.

"I've noticed a lot of fighters, they take it real seriously, which I think is a good thing," Gregoire explained. "But, I don't want it to be a source of constant stress. I'm not going to be able to compete forever anyway, so when I get a little older, I'd rather just remember it as a source of happiness or good times."

The next chapter of Gregoire's memorable career begins next Saturday night in Arlington, Texas.


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21 January 2011

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